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Setting Your Organization Name

Your organization name appears in all of your email notifications, and in your SEO settings. To set your organization name:Hover over Settings  in the side panel and click Account.Click Edit next to Your Organization Name.Enter your organization name.Click Save.

Adding a Language to Your Wix Answers Account

With Wix Answers, you can offer support in multiple languages. The first language that you choose when creating your account is your primary language. You can add additional languages at any time. View a list of the languages supported by Wix Answers.To add a language:Hover over Settings  in the side panel.  Hover over Account.Click Time & Languages.Click Add Language under Supported Languages.Select the language you'd like to add.Click Add Language.Note:Adding languages in your Wix Answers account automatically adds them to your ticketing system, but not to your Help Center or Widgets. Make sure to also enable languages within your Help Center and Widgets to display articles for each language. Learn how to:Enable a language in your Help CenterEnable a language in your Widget

Setting Your Time Zone

Set your time zone to make sure your dashboards and statistics display accurate data. To set your time zone:Hover over Settings  in the side panel.  Hover over Account and click Time & Languages.Click Edit next to Timezone.Click the drop-down menu and select your time zone. Click Save.

Closing Your Wix Answers Account

We're sorry to see you go!If you wish to close your Wix Answers account please send an email to support@wixanswers.com. 

Obtaining an API Key to Your Wix Answers Account

Certain features require an API key in order for your support platform to function with outside resources. Add an API key for each external app you want to use. To obtain an API key: Hover over Settings in the side panel and click Webhooks & API Keys. Click the API Keys tab at the top.  Click + Add API Key. Enter the API key name.  Choose the level of access this API key provides: Full access: Gives access to most parts of Wix Answers.  Limited access: Gives access to specific parts of Wix Answers. Choose the permission level for each part of the platform: None: Access is not permitted.  View: Read-only access is allowed.  Edit: Read and write access is allowed. Click Save. Click to copy the API Secret Key and save it for future use. Click Saved It.Notes: Your API Key appears in the Key ID column.  Click the Show More icon  next to an API key to edit or delete it. Usage ExampleTo authenticate your requests to Wix Answers you need to add the following headers to your request:keyId: This is the API keysecret: This is the API secret key

About Email Templates

Wix Answers comes with several customizable, dynamic email templates that are automatically sent to your customers when specific actions occur. You can customize the following notification email templates:Ticket Owners: Sent to ticket owners whenever their ticket is submitted, replied to, resolved, or a new ticket is sent to them. Learn MoreArticle Followers: Sent to customers who are following known issue and feature request articles when their statuses are changed to "Resolved" or "Released." Learn MoreHelp Center Visitors: Sent to verify the email addresses of customers who try to access your Help Center or submit a ticket through the Wix Answers Contact Form if you're restricting login access. Learn MoreCall Center Customers: Sent to call center customers after they completed or missed a call.  Learn More

Adding Webhooks to Your Wix Answers Account

Easily set up event reactions with webhooks. Trigger HTTP callbacks when a particular event occurs on your platform and deliver data to other applications in real time.To set up a Webhook: Hover over Settings in the side panel and click Webhooks & API Keys. Click + Add Webhook.  Enter the Webhook Name. Enter the URL you want to send POST requests to.  Select the action that triggers the event from the drop-down menu.  Click Create.

Removing a Language from Your Wix Answers Account

You can remove any language that you add to your Wix Answers account, except for the primary language. Note:Removing a language removes it from your ticketing system and help center. It is possible to add it again and certain content will be restored (e.g. tickets, articles), however all of your settings will be lost.To remove a language:Hover over Settings  in the side panel.  Hover over Account.Click Time & Languages.Click the Show More icon  next the to language you want to remove.Click Remove Language.

Managing Your Labels

Create, rename, and delete labels from the Label Manager in your Answers account. Here you can also access the articles and tickets added to each label. Important:To manage labels, you must be an administrator or have a custom role with Labels enabled in the Settings - Tools permissions.To manage your labels: Hover over Settings and click Labels. Tip: Click the Search icon and enter a label name to find an existing label. Choose what you want to do: Create a new label: Click + New Label. Enter a label name and click Create. Rename a label: Hover over the relevant label and click the Show More icon . Select Rename. Edit the label name and click Save. Delete a label: Hover over the relevant label and click the Show More icon . Select Delete. Click Yes, Delete this label.  Tip:Filter articles or tickets by a specific label by hovering over the label and clicking Used in __ Articles or Used in __ Tickets. 


Request: Additional Supported Languages

Currently, Wix Answers supports several languages. Click here to see the list of supported languages.We are always working to update and improve our products, and your feedback is greatly appreciated. Please let us know what languages you want to add and click Vote for this feature to make sure you're updated.

Request: Changing The Primary Language of Your Account

The language you select when you sign up for a Wix Answers account becomes your primary language. Currently, it is not possible to change your account's primary language. We are always working to update and improve our product, and your feedback is greatly appreciated. If this is a feature you would like to see in the future, please click Vote for this feature and we'll make sure to keep you updated.Tip:You can add additional languages to your Wix Answers account at any time to support multiple languages.


6 May, 2020 - Log in / Log out Issues

This issue is now resolved. We thank you for your patience and understanding as we worked to resolve this issue.