About Account Credits

Use account credits to purchase phone lines and pay for phone calls (per minute), SMS messages, and WhatsApp messages (per message). When you upgrade to a Premium Package that includes the Call Center, you receive a $3 credit balance. You can use these credits and buy more credits at any time. 
You must upgrade to a Premium Package that includes the Call Center before you can purchase additional credits. 

Important information about account credits:

  • Only the account owner can buy credits. 
  • When your balance is close to $0, an alert appears to administrators next to Credits in the side panel. Notifications are sent to the account owner's mailbox when the balance is close to $0 and when it reaches $0. 
  • If you have a $0 credit balance, you won't be able to dial or answer calls, or send/receive WhatsApp and SMS messages. Calls that are in progress will disconnect if your credit runs out. 
  • Currently, it is not possible to automatically refill your credit balance. 
Call pricing varies depending on your country, number type, and call type.