About One Inbox

One Inbox is the central location where team members manage and reply to tickets from all your support channels. It consists of customizable Views where tickets are divided into active or inactive lists. After selecting a ticket, you can view the Info panel on the right for customer details, and handle the ticket from the middle of your screen. 

Views Panel

In the Views panel, you can use various filters to create custom Views that display tickets based on conditions you define. Save custom Views to create easy access points for your team members to go to certain types of tickets. You can create Views for tickets in a specific language, or Views that filter tickets from all your supported languages. 
Click the Views icon  to pin the Views panel to the left side of your screen so you have more room to work on tickets. 

Ticket Lists

Preview tickets in the layout that works best for you - Split Pane, List, or Table. You can easily scan your ticket lists to learn essential information about each ticket. In each list, you can search, sort, filter, apply bulk actions, select tickets and more. 

Ticket Panel / Page

After selecting a ticket, view and handle it from the ticket panel (Split Pane layout) or the ticket page in a new tab. Here you can use the robust Wix Answers Ticketing System features to reply to the customer or apply other actions to the ticket. 

Info Panel

Take a look at the Info panel on the right to gain a full picture of your customer's details and history. 

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