About the Chats Panel

Select which conversations you'd like to reply to from your Chats panel, located on the left side of your Chat List. Here you can choose languages, preview chats, filter for specific types of conversations, and more.
Click the Chat icon in the side panel to view your Chats panel on the left. 
We're currently working on releasing a new ticketing system. If you do not see the Chat icon  in the side panel, use One Inbox to manage and reply to chats. 

Overview of the Chats Panel

All languages drop-down: Select a chat language if you offer multilingual support. 
Chat Notifications icon : Turn chat notification sounds on or off. Learn More
All chats tab: View all chats from your account. 
Vertical Show More icon : Create, select, and edit filtered Chat Views. Learn More
My chats tab: View chats you've participated in.
Waiting: View chats that are waiting for a participant to join. 
Active: View chats that are in progress. 
Completed: View chats that have ended.
Chat preview: View chat previews.
Alert icons appear on the Chats panel indicating the number of unanswered chats in each list.