Adding a New Queue to Your Call Center

Your Call Center needs at least one queue for calls to be routed to agents. Add up to 500 queues to provide phone support to all your customers in all your supported languages.
Tips for creating queues:
  • Add queues for each language in which you offer phone support.
  • Add queues for agents to connect to for help from specialized agents (such as supervisors or advanced troubleshooters). 
  • Add queues for different topics that customers ask about. Then assign agents that are qualified to handle each topic to the relevant queues. 
  • For each of your queues, include an abbreviation of the queue's language in its name. This helps agents easily identify their language's queues when transferring calls. 

To add a new queue

  1. In the Wix Answers app, go to Settings > Support Channels > Call Center & SMS > Queues.
  1. Click + Add New Queue
  2. Enter the name of the queue in the Queue Name field. 
  3. Click the Queue Language drop-down and select the language of the queue. 
  4. Enter a description of the queue in the Queue Description (optional) field. 
  5. Click Create.
Click Assign Agents once you've created a new queue to add agents and set your queue options. Learn More

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