Adding a Saved Reply to a Ticket

Saved replies are a great way to respond to your most frequently asked questions. They allow you to simplify your workflow and save time while replying to tickets. Rather than repeatedly writing lengthy responses to the same questions, you can create replies ahead of time and use them to respond to your customers. 

To add a saved reply:

  1. Go to the relevant ticket and click the reply field.
  2. Click the Saved Replies icon .
  3. (Optional) Click Filters to the right of the search field to view results by sharing type.
  4. Scroll or search for a specific saved reply and click to preview it. 
  5. Click Add to reply to insert the saved reply. 

To add a saved reply with a shortcut:

  1. Go to the relevant ticket and click the reply field.
  2. Type # and the relevant reply shortcut.
  3. Select a saved reply from the list.
To use saved reply shortcuts you must add tags to the relevant saved reply. 
Personalize each ticket by addressing the user by their name and include your signature below your closing sentence. 

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Creating a Saved Reply

Saved replies are prewritten templates that can be easily added to an agent's reply. They provide an efficient tool for giving answers to repeat questions which overall saves you time and simplifies your workflow. Important:To create or edit shared saved replies, you must be an administrator or have a custom role with Manage shared saved replies enabled in the Ticket List & Saved Replies permissions. We recommend using saved replies to:Create fun opening and closing customized replies.Quickly insert common solutions by typing # and a reply shortcut.Insert dynamic placeholder text and reduce the need to manually customize every detail. To create a saved reply: Hover over Tickets in the side panel and click Saved Replies.  Click + Create Reply. Select the type of saved reply: Shared: Content is available to all agents. Personal: Content is only available to one agent.  Click in the Name field and enter a title. (Optional) Click the Tags field and enter a keyword or phrase (e.g. #refund). Click the Reply text field and enter the content of your saved reply. You can also: Click the Add attachment icon to add an image document link. Click the Add emoji icon to add an emoji.  Type $ to add dynamic placeholder text.  Select the checkbox to send the saved reply to be translated to all your available languages. Note: Click Change to select specific languages for translation.  Click Save Reply.Next:Learn more about adding placeholder text to your saved replies here. Learn how to add saved replies to tickets here. 

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