Adding Filters to Views in One Inbox

Use filters to create custom Views in One Inbox that display tickets based on conditions you define. You can save Views to create easy access points for team members to choose from specific types of tickets. 
The following filters delay some real-time updates to the ticket lists by 30-60 seconds:
  • Call filters
  • Custom fields
  • Related to Article/Category
  • Received from / Sent to
  • SLA

To add a filter to a View in One Inbox:

  1. Click the One Inbox icon in the side panel on the left.
  2. (Optional) Click the Language icon  and select a language to show its Views and tickets.
  1. Hover over the View on the left that you want to add a filter to and click Edit
    Note: You cannot edit the My Tickets, Taken by Me, or My Snoozed Tickets Views.
  1. Click Add Filter on the left.
  2. Choose a filter to add:
  • Ticket filters: Show or hide tickets based on various ticket-related conditions. 
  • Agent filters: View tickets by their assigned agents, replying agents, active agents, and more. 
  • Call filters: Show or hide call center tickets by queue, line, status, and more. 
    Note: Adding call filters delay some real-time updates to the ticket lists by 30-60 seconds.
  • Custom fields: Show or hide tickets by the values set in their custom fields
    Note: Adding Custom field filters delay some real-time updates to the ticket lists.
6.  (Optional) Filter your ticket list by ticket status
7.  (Optional) Sort your ticket list(s). 
8.  (Optional) Save the View for all team members to use. 
To save views, you must be an administrator or have a custom role with Create, update, and delete views enabled in the Ticket List & Saved Replies permissions.