Adding SMS to Your Call Center Line

Add SMS (Short Message Service) to your call lines to support text messaging in your ticketing system. You can allow incoming messages from customers, outgoing messages from team members, or both.
To activate SMS for phone lines outside of the United States and Canada, the line must be a local number (not a toll free number). Learn how to add call lines
This feature is not yet available to all Wix Answers accounts. If "& SMS" does not appear after "Call Center" in step 1 below, contact us to learn how to set up SMS support. 

To add SMS to your call center line:

  1. In the Wix Answers app, go to Settings > Support Channels > Call Center & SMS > Lines.
  1. Select the line you want to add SMS to. 
  2. Scroll to the SMS section and choose what you want to do:
If you see "SMS messages are not supported in this line" in the SMS section, you'll need to activate it in another line. SMS is not available for all lines created before the feature was released.