Creating and Completing Translation Tasks

Whenever you need an article translated, create a translation task. Team members can then translate and complete the task from the article's Localization Content Editor. 
You can send translation tasks from an article's Content Editor in your default language only. Make sure to create new articles in your default language if they'll need to be translated. 
Before you begin:
Add the languages you need translated in your Wix Answers account.

Step 1 | Create a Translation Task

For each article you need translated, you must create a translation task. This allows you to open the article's Localization Content Editor in the next step. 

Step 2 | Complete a Translation Task

Translate an article from its Localization Content Editor in each language. You can comment and complete tasks for each language when you're done. 
Add the Articles with Translations filter to your Knowledge Base to view articles that have or have not been translated. Learn More