Creating Custom Ticket Fields

Use custom Ticket Fields to gather important information about your customers' support requests. You can add various custom field types to the contact form on your Help Center and Widgets. Agents can easily view and edit field responses in the side panel of each ticket. 
The more you know about your customers' issues, the better your replies will be!

To create custom Ticket Fields:

  1. In the Wix Answers app, go to Settings > Tools > Custom Fields > Ticket Fields.
  1. Click + Create New Field and select the field type. Learn more about custom field types.
    • Text: Allow your customers to enter a single line of text. 
    • Dropdown: Allow your customers to choose from a list of options. Click Add Option to add each additional option.
    • Multi-line: Allow your customers  to write full paragraphs and describe the issue they're having.
    • Checkbox: Allow your customers to choose one of two options (great for yes or no answers).
    • Number: Allow your customers to enter numbers.
  2. Enter the Field Name that will only be visible to team members. 
  3. Select the language of the Ticket Field you want to set up.
  1. Enter the ticket field text:
    1. Click Add a Title Here and enter the title of the Ticket Field. 
    2. Click Describe the information you need to collect and enter a message that describes how to fill out the field. 
    3. Click Add placeholder text to guide your customers and enter the placeholder text.
    4. (Dropdown fields only) Enter the options that customers and agents can select in the Option 1 and Option 2 fields.
    5. (Optional Dropdown fields only) Click Add Option to add another option and enter the name of the option. Repeat to add more options. 
  2. Click the toggle next to the language to enable or disable the custom field. 
  1. Click Create.
  2. Repeat these steps for each language in which you want to create custom Ticket Fields.