Creating Language Fallback Links to Articles

Use article IDs to create language fallback links if you have a multilingual Help Center. When clicked, these dynamic URLs take customers to a specific language version of an article. If the article has not been translated, the URL redirects to the default version of the article. 
The steps in this article will not work if the URL of your live help center articles has /kb/ after: https://[YOUR-HELP-CENTER-URL] 

Contact us if you have this article URL structure and would like to set up language fallback. 

For example:
  • Contact us to set up language fallback if your live article URLs are in this format: https://[YOUR-HELP-CENTER-URL]/kb/en/article/[ARTICLE-TITLE]
  • Follow the directions below if your live article URLs are in this format:

To create a language fallback link:

  1. Get the article ID for the relevant article.
2.  Use the following format to create a language fallback link: 
Replace [LOCALE] with the 2-letter language code of the version that should load. If a version doesn't exist in this language, the article will load in your account's default language. 
For example:
The following Wix Help Center article link takes you to the French version:

If the article was not translated, the link would take you to the English (default account language) version of the article.