Customizing Your Help Center's Footer

Customize the footer that displays at the bottom of all your Help Center's pages. Use the default settings or create your own footer with HTML and CSS code. 
We're currently working on releasing new help center settings. If the steps in this article do not match your help center settings, click here for directions. 
You can use HTML or CSS code to create your own custom footer instead of using the default footer settings. Click below to learn how. 

To edit your Help Center's footer:

  1. In the Wix Answers app, go to Settings > Support Channels > Help Center.
  1. Click the Language drop-down and select the language you'd like to customize.
  1. Click the Currently editing drop-down and select Footer.
  1. Edit the Brand Logo:
    1. Click Change in the Brand Logo section.
    2. Select a file from your computer and click Open
    3. Edit the Logo URL that viewers will go to if they click your logo. 
  2. Click the Show contact us button toggle to show a button that links to your Contact Page. (Optional) Click Highlight this button to highlight the Contact Us button.
  3. Click the Allow users to switch between languages toggle to add a drop-down menu visitors can use to switch languages.
    Note: Go to the Advanced tab to enable multiple languages. 
  1. Click Change next to Background Color to edit the background color. 
  2. Click Change next to Action Color to edit the button colors in your footer. 
  3. Click the Show Wix Answers banner toggle  to enable or disable the "Powered by Wix Answers" banner. 

To undo changes that you have not saved, click Revert at the top right.