Insights: Top Issues

Get a general overview of your company's top support issues from your Insights Top Issues page. Make data-driven decisions by discovering the articles most often linked to your customers' tickets.
Hover over the Insights icon and click Top Issues to get started. 

Filtering Your Top Issues

Adjust the following Top Issues filters:
  • Time Range: Click to adjust the date range of the data you're analyzing. Select a preset time range or click the calendar to select a custom range and click Apply
  • Compared to: Click to adjust the date range used by the percentage of change metric. 
  • Language: Click to include articles in a specific language. 
  • Issue Type: Click to include a specific article type: Article, Feature Request, or Known Issue. 
  • Category: Click to include specific article categories. 
  • Subcategory: Click to include specific subcategories after selecting a category filter.

Selecting a Display View

Click a Display icon in the top right corner to toggle between display types:
  • List: View your top-linked articles in a list that includes trend charts.
  • Split View: View your top-linked articles in multiple lists organized by categories.

Analyzing Your Top Issues

Your Top Issues table includes:
  • Issue: View each article's title, category, subcategory, type, and ranking.
  • Linked Tickets
    • View each article's total linked tickets.
    • View the percentage of change difference between your selected "Time Range" and "Compared to" date ranges.
  • Trend: View a trend line showing the article's linked tickets over time. 

Additional Actions on the Top Issues Page

Hover over an article and click the Show More icon to select:
  • Issue Overview: View a chart displaying linked tickets over time. 
    • Hover over the chart to view the precise number of linked tickets at specific dates or times. 
    • View your Linked Tickets and Article Views stats at the top right.  
  • Go to Article: Open the article's content editor. 
  • View Related Tickets: View a list of tickets linked to the article.