Localizing (Translating) Your Help Center

Wix Answers provides you with all the tools you need to localize (translate) your content. 

Step 1 | Add Supported Languages

When signing up, you are asked to choose your primary language. You can add additional languages at any time. For every language you add, you receive localized email and Help Center templates. Click here to see the list of supported languages.

Step 2 | Localize Your Help Center Titles and Text

When you add a new supported language, your Help Center template is automatically localized. However, you can go in and edit the titles and text if you wish to do this manually.

Step 3 | Localize Your Categories

Categories you create in your primary language are automatically added to your localized Knowledge Base. Make sure to localize your categories before publishing your articles.

Step 4 | Localize Your Articles

Wix Answers provides a simple to use system which allows you to create and manage all of your localization tasks. 
Once an article is ready to be localized you can create a translation task. 
Your translators can then open and localize the article. 
You can send new translation tasks each time that you update the content.

Step 5 | Display the Language in Your Help Center

New languages are automatically added to your ticketing system. However in order for them to appear in your help center you must enable them manually.
Streamline your translation process with Crowdin, a third party localization management tool. 

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About Localizing Your Multilingual Help Center

Localizing and translating your articles into multiple languages helps you reach a global user base - especially if your product is already localized. This makes it easier for your international customers to find the help they need. It’s also great for your SEO! When customers search on Google in their native language, your localized articles appear. This helps your business get found online, no matter where customers search. A major part of localization is translating your content. However this is not all. Different countries or languages in which your product is available may have different rules, laws and customs. So another important part of localization is making sure that your content accounts for these differences.Next:Learn how to translate your Help Center. 

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Adding a Language to Your Wix Answers Account

With Wix Answers, you can offer support in multiple languages. The first language that you choose when creating your account is your primary language. You can add additional languages at any time. View a list of the languages supported by Wix Answers.To add a language:Hover over Settings  in the side panel.  Hover over Account.Click Time & Languages.Click Add Language under Supported Languages.Select the language you'd like to add.Click Add Language.Note:Adding languages in your Wix Answers account automatically adds them to your ticketing system, but not to your Help Center or Widgets. Make sure to also enable languages within your Help Center and Widgets to display articles for each language. Learn how to:Enable a language in your Help CenterEnable a language in your Widget

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Displaying a Language in Your Help Center

Add language options to your Help Center to let international customers get the help they need.Start by adding a language in your Wix Answers account settings. The language is automatically added to your ticketing system. Then translate your Help Center articles. When you're ready, follow the instructions below to display the language in your Help Center.  To display a language in your Help Center:Hover over Settings  in the side panel and click Help Center.Click the Advanced tab.Click the toggle next to each language you want to display.Note:Disabling a language may have an effect on your help center's SEO. Learn More

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Linking to Articles and Categories with Language Fallback Support

Note:This article is intended for Help Centers with multiple languages. If your Help Center is translated to more than one language, you may need to link to articles or categories from another product. As each article/category translation gets it's own URL, keeping track of all the links can be challenging. To help with such cases, we also support linking to articles by ID, and passing the locale dynamically. If the locale provided is not found, we will fallback to your help center's default locale (usually English).To use this feature, link to your article in the following form:Articles - http://[YOUR-HELPCENTER-URL]/articles/id/[ARTICLE_ID]?locale=[LOCALE]Categories - http://[YOUR-HELPCENTER-URL]/categories/id/[ARTICLE_ID]?locale=[LOCALE]For example, linking this article to the French version with fallback to English will look like:https://help.wixanswers.com/en/articles/id/bad3c9e7-d595-4ddb-9ffb-669cd744d589?locale=frClick here to learn how to find the ID of an article.Click here to learn how to find the ID of a category.Tip:This is useful if you are linking from a product that is translated to many languages, and need a programmatic way to keep track of all articles related to your product. Instead of keeping long lists of links to your articles, you only need the ID and to generate the link based on the language the product uses.

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Using Crowdin to Translate Your Help Center Articles

Streamline the localization process of your Help Center by integrating Crowdin with your Wix Answers account. When you set up the integration, XML files for each article are created in your Crowdin project where you can translate and upload them back into your Wix Answers Help Center. Before you begin:Log in to your Crowdin account or sign up for a free trial at www.crowdin.com. Step 1 | Connect Crowdin to Your Wix Answers AccountIn order to connect your accounts, create an API key in your Wix Answers account, then add your credentials to your Crowdin account. Show me howTo create an API key:Hover over Settings  in the side panel and click Webhooks & API.Click the API Keys tab. Click + Add API Key.Enter a name for your API key and click Save. Copy the API Secret Key and save it for future use. Click I Saved It.To add your credentials to your Crowdin account:In your Crowdin account, create a project then go to your project's Settings.Click the Integrations tab. Scroll down and click Wix Answers. Enter your Help Center's URL under Base URL.Note: If you've connected a domain to your Help Center, enter the base URL that appears within your Wix Answers account (e.g., https://username.wixanswers.com).Enter your Wix Answers API key under API Key.Enter your API Secret Key under API Secret Key. Click Set Up Integration.  Click Settings.Select the help center categories you'd like to synchronize and click Save. By default, every 10 minutes your articles are synched and updated automatically. You can manually sync them by clicking Sync Now. Step 2 | Add Languages in Your Wix Answers AccountMake sure you've added the languages you support in your Wix Answers account. Once you're connected, articles from the categories you chose to sync in step one automatically upload to Crowdin as separate files. Show me howHover over Settings  in the side panel.  Hover over Account.Click Time & Languages.Click Add Language under Supported Languages.Select the language you'd like to add.Click Add Language.Step 3 | Send Your Articles to TranslationSend your articles to translation in your Wix Answers account so that once you localize them in Crowdin, they automatically upload back into your Help Center. Show me howOpen the Content Editor of the article you want translated.Click the Translations icon  from the footer menu.Click Select all languages or click a language to manually select it.Click Next.(Optional) Enter your task note and click Next.Alternatively, you can leave this section blank and click Skip.Select the task priority level. Click Send to translation.Learn more about creating and completing translation tasks. Step 4 | Localize Your Articles in CrowdinOnce you're ready to start localizing your articles in Crowdin, you can invite translators and proofreaders to work in Crowdin's Online Editor. Translations you make in Crowdin automatically send to your Wix Answers account as unpublished articles every 10 minutes. Show me howInvite translators, order professional translations, connect machine translation engines, and more. Learn about translation strategies from Crowdin.Work in Crowdin's Online Editor to translate and proofread content. Learn MoreSynchronize only reviewed translations by activating Export only approved translations. Learn MoreFor more information check out the Crowdin Knowledge Base or contact Crowdin Support for 24/7 professional assistance.

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