Sending Announcements to Team Members

Instantly communicate internal information to other team members by creating and sending announcements from your notifications feed. When someone receives an announcement, a pop-up at the top right of their screen appears with a preview of the message.

To send an announcement:

  1. Click the Notifications icon at the top right of your screen. 
  2. Click the Show More icon on the right.
  3. Click + Create Announcement and compose your message:
    1. Enter a title in the Give it a title field. 
    2. Enter your message in the What's your announcement field. 
    3. (Optional) Click the Add attachment icon to insert a file.
    4. (Optional) Click Urgent to mark your announcement as urgent.
      Note: Urgent announcements appear on team members' screens until clicked on.
  4. Choose who to send the notification to:
    • Leave the drop-down set to Everyone to share with every team member. 
    • Click the drop-down and select the group(s) or queue(s) to share with.
      Note: When sharing with queues, every agent assigned to the queue receives the announcement. 
  5. Click Send.  

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