Setting the Hours of Operation for Contact Options in Your Widget

Ensure that customers can only contact you during business hours. For each contact option available in your Widget you can define the hours of operation. 
We're currently in the process of releasing a new version of the Wix Answers Widget. If you don't see the steps below in your widget settings, click here for directions. 

To set the hours of operation for your Widget's contact options:

  1. In the Wix Answers app, go to Settings > Support Channels > Widgets.
  1. Select the relevant widget.
  2. (For multilingual widgets): Click the language next to Settings for and select a language. 
  1. Click Manage next to the relevant contact option.
  1. Click Edit in the Availability section
  1.  Set the available hours of operation for your contact option:
    • Available 24/7: Select to keep your contact option open at all hours. 
    • Custom Hours of Operation: Select to set custom hours of operation: 
      • Click the toggle next to each day to turn your contact option on or off. 
      • Click the times to adjust your opening and closing hours. 
      • Click the Show More icon to the right of a day and select:
        • Apply to all days to set the same business hours for each day of the week.
        • Add another period to (selected day) to add another block of time.
  1. (Optional for Live Chat) Allow customers to send chats outside of business hours:
    Note: When an agent replies, your customer receives the message in Live Chat (if they reopen the widget) and email. 
    1. Click Let customers contact you in chat outside of business hours.
    2. Click the Welcome message field and enter the message customers see when they start a new chat. 
  1. (Optional) Apply the business hours you just set to all your Widget's contact options. 
    1. Click Apply business hours to all contact options.
    2. Click Yes, Apply to all
  2. Click Save.