Setting Up Mailboxes as a Support Channel

Add mailboxes in your Wix Answers account so that emails from customers create new tickets on your Tickets List. Forward your existing email addresses to manage and reply to all your support requests in one place, your Ticketing System.

We recommend that you create mailboxes for different support topics. Then use Automatic Actions to assign tickets sent to each mailbox to relevant groups or agents. For example, you could create a mailbox named "Billing" and a group of agents called "Billing." Then create an Automatic Action assigning tickets in the "Billing" mailbox to the "Billing" group. 
To protect you from spam:
You can receive up to 250 emails per day in each of your Wix Answers mailboxes. To allow more emails, set up email forwarding from your own mailbox. Then provide customers with your email forwarding address instead of your Wix Answers mailbox address. 

To add a Wix Answers mailbox:

  1. In the Wix Answers app, go to Settings > Support Channels > Mailboxes.
  1. Click + Add Mailbox.
  2. Enter a name for your mailbox. 
  3. Click Next
  4. (Optional) Set up mailbox forwarding:
    1. Enter the email address you'd like to forward to your Wix Answers mailbox. 
    2. Go to your email provider and set up email forwarding to your Wix Answers mailbox.
      Tip: Learn how to set up email forwarding from the following email providers:
  5. Click Save.
Connect an outgoing email domain to send emails professionally from your own personal domain. 
  • Click the Show More icon next to a mailbox to edit, delete, or make it your primary mailbox.
  • Wix Answers supports email forwarding from mailboxes, but does not support forwarding from email aliases or groups.