Setting Up Multi-Channel Support

Wix Answers helps you provide top of the line multi-channel support to your customers. However customers get in touch—email, phone, social media, widgets, help center, live chat, SMS, WhatsApp—you can answer them more efficiently in your One Inbox ticketing system.

Email Support

Add mailboxes to provide customers with direct email addresses for contacting you. Each email you receive creates a new ticket on your ticket lists. You can also forward your existing mailboxes and use your own domain's email for outgoing emails.  

Phone Support

Add a call line to your Wix Answers account to make and take calls from your own number. Purchase a phone number to setup IVR support and define business hours for your call center. Add multiple lines to provide multilingual support and organize calls by category.

Facebook Support

Connect your Facebook page to your Wix Answers account so customers can contact you directly from both Facebook wall posts and private messages. 

Widget Support

Add a help widget to any part of your website, so customers can access help articles or contact you without ever leaving your site. 

Help Center Support

Make it easy for your users to contact you from your Help Center if they don't find what they're looking for.

Live Chat Support

Provide your customers with instant assistance through real-time chat support widgets.

WhatsApp Support

 Allow customers use the WhatsApp mobile app to communicate with your support team. 

SMS Text Messaging Support

Let customers send and receive SMS (Short Message Service) text messages to correspond with your support team.