Setting Up Your Call Center

Set up your call center to start supporting customers over the phone. After adding a phone line, you'll set up its business hours, connect an IVR flow, create queues, assign team members, then turn on incoming calls. 

Step 1 | Add a Line to Your Call Center

Purchase a phone number or port your existing number to the Wix Answers Call Center to get started. Set up as many lines as needed to organize your calls and route them to appropriate queues. 

Step 2 | Set Up Your Business Hours

Ensure customers can contact your Call Center during working hours only. You can set up different business hours per line and edit the messages customers hear when calling after operating hours. 

Step 3 | Set Up Your IVR Flows

The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) flow you set up determines what your customers hear when they call and their routing options. Customize your IVR flow to set a great first impression with callers and get them routed to the most relevant queues. 

Step 4 | Set Up Your Call Center Queues

Organize calls within separate queues based on your customers and their intents. You can create advanced queues for transferring to specialized agents as well as language queues for multilingual call centers. 

Step 5 | Assign Agents to Queues

After setting up your queues, assign agents to each queue. A call can be answered once an agent is assigned to the queue and in the Available status.

Step 6 | Enable Incoming Calls in Your Line

Turn incoming calls on in your line settings so customers can dial the phone number to reach your IVR.
Learn how to answer a call once you receive one.

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