Setting Up Your IVR Flows

Make a great first impression with callers by customizing their first point of contact with your company - your Interactive Voice Response (IVR) flow. With IVR flows, you determine the paths callers can take to be routed to appropriate queues, phone numbers, or voicemails. Add text to speech or recorded audio messages to your flows to personalize the directions your callers hear.

To create a new IVR flow:

  1. In the Wix Answers app, go to Settings > Support Channels > Call Center > IVR Flows.
  1.  Click + Create New IVR Flow.
  2. Enter a name for the new IVR flow and click Create
  3. Select the IVR flow you just created under My IVR Flows.
  4. Click + Add Welcome Message.
  5. Select a message type:
    • Text to speech:
      1. Click the drop-down and select a language.
      2. Type the message that will be played to your callers.
      3. Click Save
    • Recorded sound file (.WAV, .MP3, .WMP):
      1. Click Upload an audio file.
      2. Select a file from your computer and click open.
      3. Click Save
  6. (Optional): Click + Add Another Message to add more than 1 message.
    Note: Click the Reorder icon and drag a message up or down to reorder your messages. 
Inform callers about the IVR flow's next actions in your welcome message. For example, if Digit Input is the next action, explain which numbers callers should press to be routed appropriately. 
  1. Click Add Action.
  1. Select the action that occurs next:
10. Click Save