Setting Up Your Ticketing System

The Wix Answers Ticketing System makes it easy to communicate with your customers. You can accept tickets from various support channels, and manage them all in one place.

Step 1 | Set Up Your Channels

Start by thinking about what channels you'd like to use. Wix Answers currently offers 6 different support channels: Help Center, Call Center, Widgets, Live Chat, Mailboxes, and Facebook. Learn more about the available support channels to decide which are best for your needs.
Next, select a channel below to learn how to set it up:

Step 2 | Create Saved Replies

Save time when answering tickets, by enabling agents to re-use common responses. This is great for openers (e.g., "Thank you for contacting us") or closers (e.g., "If you need any further assistance, feel free to contact us again"), or any other text that you find yourself writing over and over again.

Step 3 | Create Groups

Use groups to efficiently and effectively manage your ticket workflow. Assign tickets to different groups so that you know who's taking care of them.

Take a look at the video below for step-by-step directions regarding setting up your mailbox, connecting your Facebook account and adding team members.