Ticket Statuses

Ticket statuses are used to track the lifecycle of a ticket and help organize your workflow. The status of a ticket represents where the ticket stands and if, or what, further steps are required by the agent. 

There are five basic statuses you can apply to a ticket:

  1. Open: This status indicates that a ticket has entered the system and is waiting for a response from an agent. All new tickets are marked as Open. The status of the ticket remains as Open until an agent responds to the customer. 
  2. Pending: This status includes tickets where an agent has sent an initial response to the customer and is waiting for further information from the customer. Open tickets are automatically changed to Pending when an agent responds to the customer. 
  3. Closed: This status includes tickets that have been answered and the customer has not responded. Tickets remain as Pending for 72 hours before they are automatically changed to Closed
  4. Solved: This status indicates tickets that have been resolved by an agent and no longer require further correspondence with the customer. 
  5. Investigating: This status is intended for tickets that require investigation. The status can only be changed manually. 
Learn how to change the status of your tickets here