Ticketing System Highlights

Allow your support teams to work smarter, not harder, with the One Inbox ticketing system. 

In a single tab, agents work on tickets from all your supported channels. One Inbox features ticket lists in multiple layouts, which agents access through saved filtered Views. Agents can review the customer Info panel and the ticket timeline for context when working on a ticket. They can then respond with rich text, saved replies, and AI-powered article suggestions. 

Your organization can periodically review the top-linked articles to understand your customers' biggest pain points. Advanced customer support management tools allow you to develop with APIs, automate tasks, monitor team performance in real-time, set timeframes for resolving tickets, and more. 

Multi-Channel Support

Wix Answers allows you to support all the channels you'll need, out of the box, in a single platform. Support tickets created from email, phone, live chat, widgets, Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS, API and your Help Center. 

One Inbox

Manage and reply to all your customers' tickets from preset and custom Views in your One Inbox tab. Work on tickets using the Split pane layout with separate active and inactive lists, or the List or Table layouts. 

Ticket Timeline

Review the ticket timeline to easily understand your customer's journey from start to finish. The ticket timeline lists every ticket event in chronological order with timestamps.  
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Agent Reply Box

Reply faster, with more consistency, using saved replies and AI-powered article suggestions. Team members can also leave internal notes to document more information and notify other stakeholders. 
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Customer Info Panel

Team members can view complete customer profiles in the Info panel to the right of every ticket. View contact details, recent tickets, custom fields, technical data, and information synced from your connected integrations (e.g. Salsedforce, Jira, Hubspot). 
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Integrated Knowledge Base

Your Knowledge Base connects seamlessly to your Ticketing System so agents can easily find answers to customer questions and reply using article contents. 

Customer Support Management Tools

Use advanced support management tools to handle hundreds or thousands of multi-channel customer issues daily. Create custom workflows by automating tasks, applying macro shortcuts, setting timeframe resolution targets, and more. 

Top Issues Insights

Review your Top Issues Insights dashboard to learn which articles team members link most. When you know your customers' biggest pain points, you can make informed decisions to improve your products and services. 
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