Tips for Chatting with Customers

Easily respond to customer questions in real-time while utilizing your Knowledge Base articles and saved replies with Wix Answers Live Chat.

Toggle between chats you've participated in or all chats, and preview chats that are waiting, in progress, or completed within the Chats panel.
We're currently working on releasing a new ticketing system. If you do not see the Chat icon  in the side panel, use One Inbox to manage and reply to chats. 

Step 1 | Selecting a Chat

  1. Click the Chat icon in the side panel. 
  2. (For multilingual support) Click All languages and select a language.
  3. Click the Vertical Show More icon from the Chats panel and select a view. Learn More
  1. Select a Chats panel tab: 
    • All Chats: (Or selected view) To view all chats in your selected view.
    • My Chats: To view chats you've participated in.
  1. Click an icon to view the relevant chat list:
    Note: Red icons indicate the number of chats within each list. 
    • Waiting: Chats that are waiting for a participant to join. 
    • Active: Chats that are in progress. 
    • Completed: Chats that have ended. 
  2. Select a chat from the list to view its contents in the center of your screen. 
View the exact webpage URL your customer is chatting from in the Info panel at the top right. Hover over the webpage name and click to copy or go to the URL.  

Step 2 | Replying to a Chat

  1. Click the reply field.
  2. Create your reply using any of the following features:
    • Type your reply.
    • Link an article:
      1. Click the Knowledge base articles icon .
      2. Use the search bar to find a specific article and click to preview.
        Tip: Click Filters in the search bar to refine your search. 
      3. Click an option:
        • View article: Opens a preview of the article. 
        • Insert content to your reply : Pastes the article contents into your reply.
        • Paste a link to your reply : Pastes the article title as a hyperlink.
        • Link article : Internally links an article without adding content.
    • Add a saved reply:
      Tip: Create keyboard shortcuts for your replies by adding tags. Learn More
      1. Click the Saved Replies icon .
      2. (Optional) Click Filters to the right of the search field to view results by sharing type.
      3. Scroll or search for a specific saved reply and click to preview it. 
      4. Click Add to reply to insert the saved reply.
    • Insert an attachment: 
      1. Click the Add attachment icon .  
      2. Browse for the relevant file and click Open
    • Insert an emoji: 
      1. Click the Add emoji icon .
      2. Select an emoji. 
  3. Click Send
Keyboard shortcuts:
  • Type # and a reply shortcut to add a saved reply. Learn more about saved replies.
  • Type Ctrl + Enter (Cmd + Enter on a Mac) to send your reply. 
  • Link articles with your replies so that later you can analyze your top support issues.
  • Attach images and other files to your replies to provide in-depth directions. 
  • To edit a message, hover over the message, click the Show More icon on the right, and select Edit text.

Step 3 | Ending a Chat

  1. Click End Chat.
  2. Select the status your ticket will change to and click End Chat. Learn more about ticket statuses. 
  • You can also leave a chat, in case another agent is taking over, by clicking the End Chat drop-down icon and selecting Leave Chat.
  • If a customer replies to a chat that has ended, it appears in the All chats tab under Waiting where any agent can respond.
  • You can set up your widgets to send satisfaction surveys to customers when chats are ended and changed to "Solved."