Using Crowdin to Translate Your Help Center Articles

Streamline the localization process of your Help Center by integrating Crowdin with your Wix Answers account. When you set up the integration, XML files for each article are created in your Crowdin project where you can translate and upload them back into your Wix Answers Help Center. 
Before you begin:
Log in to your Crowdin account or sign up for a free trial at

Step 1 | Connect Crowdin to Your Wix Answers Account

In order to connect your accounts, create an API key in your Wix Answers account, then add your credentials to your Crowdin account. 

Step 2 | Add Languages in Your Wix Answers Account

Make sure you've added the languages you support in your Wix Answers account. Once you're connected, articles from the categories you chose to sync in step one automatically upload to Crowdin as separate files. 

Step 3 | Send Your Articles to Translation

Send your articles to translation in your Wix Answers account so that once you localize them in Crowdin, they automatically upload back into your Help Center. 

Step 4 | Localize Your Articles in Crowdin

Once you're ready to start localizing your articles in Crowdin, you can invite translators and proofreaders to work in Crowdin's Online Editor. Translations you make in Crowdin automatically send to your Wix Answers account as unpublished articles every 10 minutes.