Viewing Tickets Linked to Specific Articles or Categories

Improve your articles by discovering customer pain-points related to your Knowledge Base. When you add the Related to Article/Category filter to a view on your Tickets List, you can view tickets linked to specific articles and categories. 

To view tickets linked to articles or categories:

  1. Click the Tickets icon in the side panel.
  2. Hover over the view you'd like to filter and click Edit.
  1. Click Add Filter.
  2. Click Related to Article/Category.
  3. Select the relevant filter(s):
    • Article: View tickets linked to a specific article:
      1. Click the drop-down and enter the name of an article to search for it.
        Note: Click Filters next to the Search field to refine your results by category, article type, and/or label. 
      2. Click the article from the list to preview it. 
      3. Click Select
    • Category: View tickets linked to an article within a specific category or subcategory. 
      1. Click the drop-down and enter the name of a category or subcategory. 
      2. Select the category or subcategory from the list. 
  4. (Optional) Save the view for all agents to use:
    1. Click Save View as or click the Save View drop-down and select Save View as.
    2. Enter a name for the view and click Save View
Click Linked Tickets from the Team Member Toolbar at the top of an article to quickly view its linked tickets.