Viewing Your Chat Stats Panel

Monitor your Live Chat support's KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in real-time from your Chat Stats panel. Your stats adjust to the language and Chat Views you select in your Chats panel so you can track specific areas of support.
We're currently working on releasing a new ticketing system. If you do not see the Chat icon  in the side panel, use One Inbox to manage and reply to chats. You can also view Live Chat statistics in Chat Insights.

Chat Stats: Now

View current statistics in the Now section of your Chat Stats panel. Check the number of chats waiting and in progress, the longest wait time, the number of available agents, and more. 

Chat Stats: Today

View your cumulative statistics for the day in the Today section of your Chat Stats panel. Check your total completed chats as well as average and 80th percentile wait times and chat durations. 
To hide the Chat Stats panel:
Click the Chat Stats icon on the left side of the Chat Stats panel.