Working With Chat Views

By default, your Chats panel displays all chats from your account. You can add filters to your Chat Views to focus on conversations from specific widgets, or with defined labels, priorities, custom fields, and more. Save your filtered Chat Views so that other team members can also use them. 
We're currently working on releasing a new ticketing system. If you do not see the Chat icon  in the side panel, you can create chat Views in One Inbox by adding the source filter.  

Creating a New Chat View

Create filtered Chat Views so that you and other agents can easily focus on conversations from specific widgets. You can also add label, priority, or custom field filters to fine-tune which chats you see. Once you've created a view, you can save it for other team members to access.

Editing a Chat View

Modify an existing Chat View to adjust the chats it displays. You can choose to save over an existing view, save a new view, or not save at all.