Working With Views on Your Tickets List

Views allow you to organize your Tickets List by filtering for tickets that match certain conditions. Add filters to your default views to create custom views, then save them for your entire team to use. In each view you can select a language to view relevant tickets. You can also create views that only appear in certain languages. 
To save views, you must be an administrator or have a custom role with Create, update, and delete views enabled in the Ticket List & Saved Replies permissions.

Preset Ticket Views

Your Tickets List comes with five preset views you can use as starting points for filtering your list of tickets.
Sort tickets in each view by date to make sure you're working on tickets that have been waiting for updates the longest. 

Creating Custom Ticket Views

Keep your Tickets List organized by adding filters to, or changing the filters of, existing ticket views to create custom views that can be saved for other team members to access. Choose from a variety of filters to create views tailored to your organization's unique needs.
Add multiple filters to a custom view to fine-tune the tickets it displays. 

Language-Specific Ticket Views

When you create a new view, you can select it and change the language on your Tickets List to display tickets from a specific language. Alternatively, you can create views that only appear when you select the relevant language on your Tickets List. Make sure to add the language in your Wix Answers account first.