Your Call Center Dashboard

View your entire phone support activity from one place, your Call Center dashboard. Here you can sort and filter comprehensive lists of all your calls, agents, and queues. From the Call Center Stats panel on the right, you can instantly gain a full picture of your Call Center operations.

When you understand the current state of your operations you can react quickly, reduce wait times, and satisfy your callers. 
Add filters to your Call Center dashboard to focus specific queues, languages, groups, and locations. Learn How

Calls Tab

Your Calls tab is the place to view every call that has taken place throughout your day in real-time. Preview and select calls that are waiting, in progress, completed or incomplete from the relevant tabs. You can even add queue or language filters to focus your attention on specific types of calls.

Agents Tab

Quickly check in on what agents are working on from the Agents tab. Here you can view agents' current statuses, total calls, assigned queues, and more. 

Queues Tab

View important real-time stats for each queue from the Queues tab. From here you can filter your queues list by language, view and manage each queue's assigned agents and more. 

Call Center Stats Panel

Monitor your Call Center's performance by checking live and cumulative daily stats in your Call Center Stats panel. From here you can view the total customers waiting, calls in progress, agents available, and more.