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Getting Started with Your Call Center

About the Wix Answers Call Center

Solve complicated problems faster, reduce friction, and convert more paying customers by offering phone support. Easily set up, manage, and build upon your existing Ticketing and Knowledge Base systems with the

Setting Up Your Call Center

Set up your call center to start supporting customers over the phone. After adding a phone line, you'll set up its business hours, connect an IVR flow, create queues, assign team members, then turn on incoming

Your Call Center Dashboard

View your entire phone support activity from one place, your Call Center dashboard. Here you can sort and filter comprehensive lists of all your calls, agents, and queues. From the Call Center Stats panel on th

Adding a Filter to Your Call Center Dashboard

Focus on specific queues, languages, groups, and locations by adding filters to your Call Center dashboard. You can add filters to each tab on your dashboard, which also adjusts the info in your Call Center Sta

About Account Credits

Use account credits to purchase phone lines and pay for phone calls (per minute), SMS messages, and WhatsApp messages (per message). When you upgrade to a Premium Package that includes the Call Center, you rece

Purchasing Account Credits

You receive a $3 account credit balance when you purchase a Premium Package that includes the Call Center. Purchase additional credits to pay for phone lines, calls (per minute), SMS messages, and WhatsApp mess

Call Center Costs

When you purchase a Premium Package that includes the Wix Answers call center, you gain access to all its features, including future updates and releases. All call center charges are automatically deducted from

Viewing Your Call Center Stats Panel

Monitor your Call Center's performance by checking live and cumulative daily stats in your Call Center Stats panel. Call Center Stats: NowView current statistics in the Now section of your Call Center Stats pan

Network Requirements for Your Call Center

For the best quality and reliability of your Call Center, make sure your network has sufficient bandwidth and that you've whitelisted the necessary media IP addresses.Bandwidth RequirementsWe recommend a minimu

Customizing Email Templates Sent to Call Center Customers

Personalize the notification emails customers receive when they miss a callback or complete a call. You can also customize the email they receive if you've enabled customer satisfaction surveys. Tip:View a step