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Managing Calls

Navigating the Calls Tab

Your Calls tab features a real-time overview of all calls that have taken place throughout the day. Select calls from each status tab to preview or access tickets and filter your lists by language or queue to f

Answering a Call

Answer calls from one convenient pop-up window no matter what page you're viewing. Important:To answer a call, you must be assigned to the queue it's waiting in, with your status set to Available. Learn how to

About the Call Control Panel

The Call Control panel appears at the bottom of your screen whenever you're on a call or listening to a call. Here you can perform basic actions such as placing a caller on hold or transferring your call. Your

Adding Internal Call Notes to Tickets

Use call notes to summarize what took place during your call so other team members can understand without listening to its recording. Internal call notes are only visible to team members. Tip:Create saved reply

Transferring Your Call to a Queue

Transfer your call when you need to get it to another queue or talk with an agent from another queue. While transferring, you can choose to stay on the call to speak with the other agent (known as a warm transf

Adding an Agent to Your Call

When you need help from a specific agent, rather than transferring to a queue, add that agent to your call. Note:Agents must be in the Available status to be added to a call. Learn more about statuses. To add a

Adding and Updating Your Customer's Phone Number

Wix Answers automatically saves your customer's phone number to their profile whenever a call is attempted. For each customer, you can also add, edit, or delete multiple phone numbers from any of their tickets.

Declining or Missing a Call

If an agent declines or doesn't answer a call in time, it waits in the queue for the next available agent.  Declining a callA pop-up window appears when a call is delivered to you. This includes calls that are

Calling Back Your Customers

If your call disconnects, call your customer back from the same ticket, rather than creating a new call ticket. This keeps multiple recordings and call notes on one ticket for easier organization.To call your c

Creating a New Call

Create new phone calls from the same place you manage all your support requests, your Wix Answers Ticketing System. Manually dial a customer's phone number using the dialer or conveniently search through your c

About Your Call Timeline

Determine which events occurred during a call and when by reviewing the Call Timeline in the middle section of each call ticket. Timeline EventsView events such as your call's start time, end time, and all acti

Transferring Your Call to an External Phone Number

Assist callers that need to speak with someone outside of your organization by transferring in-progress calls to external phone numbers. To transfer to an external phone number:Answer a call or create a new cal

Adding an Email Address to a Call Ticket

Associate call tickets with email addresses to keep your contacts organized. You can add an email address in a call ticket if the phone number isn't already associated with a contact's email address. To add an