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Setting Up Call Lines

Adding a Line to Your Call Center

Add a call line to start using a new phone number for inbound or outbound calls. When adding your line, choose the country code, line type (local or toll free), and more customization options. Create as many li

Setting Up Your IVR Flows

Make a great first impression with callers by customizing their first point of contact with your company - your Interactive Voice Response (IVR) flow. With IVR flows, you determine the paths callers can take to

Enabling and Disabling Incoming and Outgoing Calls in Your Lines

Choose whether to allow inbound, outbound, or both types of calls in each of your lines. Before you begin:Make sure you've added a call line to your call center. To enable calls in your lines: In the Wix Answ

Setting the Business Hours of Your Call Center Lines

Set the business hours of each line in your call center to make sure they're only open when your team is available to take calls. By default, your lines are open 24/7, but you can edit their hours by following

Customizing the Outside Business Hours Messages in Your Call Center Lines

Choose how to respond to customers that try to reach your line outside of business hours. You can choose to play a custom "text to speech" message or your own audio file. If customers send SMS messages to your

Closing Call Center Lines for Holidays and Planned Downtime

Add downtime to your call center when you need to close the lines for holidays or other planned events. To add downtime to your lines: In the Wix Answers app, go to Settings > Support Channels > Call Center

Porting Your Phone Number

Porting a telephone number is a 6 step process and can take up to 4 weeks to complete, depending on the type of number you are porting and the country the number is located in. Please note that Wix Answers uses

Verifying Your Identity When Purchasing a Phone Number

You may need to submit proof of a valid address or identification to purchase some phone numbers.Important:Due to local regulations, some phone numbers require that you're located within or outside of a geograp

Editing Your Call Center's General Settings

Set your call center's general waiting in queue audio, hold call audio, and voicemail max message length. You can also define custom busy statuses for team members to use to show what they're working on when no

Adding SMS to Your Call Center Line

Add SMS (Short Message Service) to your call lines to support text messaging in your ticketing system. You can allow incoming messages from customers, outgoing messages from team members, or both.Important: To

Deleting a Call Center Line

Permanently delete a call line if you no longer wish to use it for inbound or outbound calls. Deleting a call line also cancels the line's monthly subscription deducted from your account credits. Need to tempor