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API Reference

Agents APIs

Agents are users who are assigned a user role. Agents are managed (added, updated, deleted) as users and have the same configurations as users (see the User API), but they also have some additional configuratio

Articles APIs

Articles are documents containing text, images, and videos that provide information to your users. Articles are categorized using categories, subcategories, and labels. There are three types of articles: (regul

Call Center APIs

The Wix Answers call center makes it easy to accept calls alongside your help center and ticketing system. The call center API enables you to get the lines and the queues of your call center.Also see Add a Phon

Categories APIs

Articles are categorized using categories, subcategories, and labels. The categories API enables you to manage categories and subcategories. Articles and labels are manged by other APIs.You can create two level

Companies API

The companies API enables you to manage companies. You associate companies with users and can use companies to filter when searching for users and to automatically assign tickets to the relevant account manager

Labels APIs

Like categories and subcategories, labels enable your users to filter and locate articles that are relevant to specific topics. For more information, see About Labels. To add labels to articles, see Update Arti

Users APIs

User APIs enable you to fetch or create Wix Answers users. Although agents are also users, and some of their information is managed using this API, agents have additional privileges and associated parameters. T

Custom Fields APIs

Custom fields can be created for user, agent, company, or ticket records. Once created, their values are filled and retrieved using the relevant user, agent, company, or ticket API methods. See Users APIs, Agen

Ticket APIs

Tickets are questions or requests sent by your users from various channels, like your Help Center contact page, email, callback requests, widgets, Facebook business page, or the API. Tickets can also be created

Groups API

The groups API enables you to manage agent groups. You associate agents with groups and can assign tickets or article tasks to groups (in addition to specific agents). Agents can also belong to a team; see Tea

Saved Reply APIs

Saved replies are prewritten templates that can be easily added to an agent's reply. They provide an efficient tool for giving answers to repeat questions which overall saves you time and simplifies your workfl

Locations API

Location APIs enable you to manage agent locations. Locations are used for informational and reporting purposes only. and represent the physical locations of agents, such as floors, cities, or countries. Each a

Teams API

Team APIs enable you to manage agent teams. Teams are used for informational and reporting purposes only, and represent organizational entities, such as support for different products. Each agent can be assigne

API Reference Overview

The following is a table of contents for the API reference documentation. API object structures: The objects returned by the various API endpoints API enumerations: The fixed values of various object statuses,

Developers: API Roles and Permissions

For an introduction to API keys, roles, and permissions, see App Settings, Roles, and Permissions.Some endpoints can be accessed only by an agent with the relevant permission. When an agent sends a token genera

Saved Filter APIs

A saved filter creates a custom view in the agent front-end app. Saved filters are either for tickets or for chats. In the knowledge center, agents can use saved filters to see the number of tickets or chats ma

Macros API

Macros are customizable shortcuts that allow you to apply a set of actions to a ticket with just one step. For more information, see About Macros.Get All MacrosGET https://<tenant_subdomain>.wixanswers.com/api/