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About Wix Answers Integrations

Connect your Wix Answers platform with powerful third-party apps to help you manage your workflows and run your business smoothly. Reduce the need to hop back and forth between software, and leverage your external tools all from within your Wix Answers account.You can connect the following third-party apps to Wix Answers:SalesforceImprove your team members' workflow by showing customer data from your Salesforce account directly on tickets in your Wix Answers account. Learn MoreSlackAutomatically send notifications to Slack channels to let agents know when a customer replies or creates a new ticket. Learn MoreHubSpotImprove your workflows by viewing synced HubSpot CRM data directly on tickets with Wix Answers Integrations. Learn MoreZapierAutomate workflows by connecting 1000+ supported apps to Wix Answers with Zapier. Choose from ready-to-use Zap templates or create your own. Learn MoreJiraWork more efficiently across platforms by allowing agents to view and create Jira issues directly from customer support tickets. Learn MoreCrowdinConnect Crowdin to use their translation management tools, localize content, and automatically send translated articles back to your Wix Answers Help Center. Learn MoreKlausImprove your customer service interactions with the Klaus conversation review tool. Allow agents to give and receive internal feedback in an easy and systematic format. Learn MoreContact us if you'd like to suggest an app we should integrate with in the future. 

Connecting Salesforce to Your Wix Answers Account

Spend less time switching between your Salesforce and Wix Answers accounts. Connect Salesforce to view client information from Salesforce on tickets in Wix Answers. Important:Wix Answers supports the following Salesforce account types: Lighting Professional (with additional costs), Enterprise Edition, Unlimited Edition, and Developer Edition. Connecting multiple Wix Answers accounts to the same Salesforce account is not supported. Step 1 | Get Your Consumer Key and Secret from SalesforceLog in to Salesforce as an administrative user.From Setup, enter App in the Quick Find field.Select App Manager.Click New Connected App and configure the following settings:Enter a name in the Connected App Name field.Enter an API Name and Contact Email.Enter a description in the Description field.Select Enable OAuth Settings.Copy and paste the following URL into the Callback URL field: https://salesforceintegration.wixapps.net/api/oauth/callbackAdd the following OAuth Scopes:Access and manage your data (api)Access custom permissions (custom_permissions)Perform requests on your behalf at any time (refresh_token, offline_access)Click Save. Select Click to reveal next to Consumer Secret.Copy the Consumer Secret and Consumer Key, then save them for step 2. Step 2 | Connect Salesforce in Your Wix Answers AccountHover over Settings in the side panel and click Integrations.Click Install to the right of Salesforce.Enter your Salesforce Consumer Key.Enter your Salesforce Consumer Secret.Click Connect.Click Allow. Note:To disconnect your Salesforce account from Wix Answers click Uninstall integration. If you've added the Ticket List component in Salesforce, you must remove it before you can disconnect. Next:Choose the Salesforce fields you'd like to view within your clients' tickets. 

Connecting Slack to Your Wix Answers Account

Receive Slack channel notifications whenever a new ticket is created or replied to with Wix Answers Integrations.To connect your accounts:In Slack, you must be an admin and in Wix Answers, you must be an administrator or have a custom role with Integrations enabled in the Settings - Tools permissions. To connect your Slack workspace to Wix Answers:Hover over Settings in the side panel and click Integrations.Click Install next to Slack.Click Start Now.Log in to your Slack workspace if prompted.Click Authorize. Next:Learn how to set up Slack notifications whenever a new ticket is created or replied to. 

Connecting HubSpot to Your Wix Answers Account

Integrate your HubSpot account with Wix Answers to view all your leads and customer information under one roof. Connect your accounts to let agents view HubSpot data directly on your customers' tickets.Important:To connect your accounts:You must be an admin in HubSpot.You must be an administrator in Wix Answers or have a custom role with Integrations enabled in the Settings - Tools permissions.To connect your HubSpot account to Wix Answers:Hover over Settings in the side panel and click Integrations.Click Install next to HubSpot.Click Start Now.Log in to your HubSpot account.Click Allow. To customize your HubSpot integration:Click an object on the left.Click the Toggle icon to enable or disable each field. Click Save.

Connecting Jira to Your Wix Answers Account

Integrate your Jira and Wix Answers accounts to allow agents the ability to view and create Jira issues directly on tickets. Important:You must have administrator permissions in Jira and be an admin in Wix Answers to connect your accounts.To connect your Jira account to Wix Answers:Hover over Settings  in the side panel and click Integrations.Click Install next to Jira.Click Get Started.In Jira, create an Application Link using the Consumer Key and Public Key provided by Wix Answers. Click here for details. In Wix Answers, click Continue. Copy the Jira Base URL from your browser's address bar in Jira. Paste your Jira Base URL under Enter Jira Base URL in Wix Answers.Click Connect URL.Note: (If no authentication window appears) Enable popups for wixanswers.com in your browser and try again.Click Allow.Next:Click Customize to begin customizing your Jira integration.Notes:Currently, Wix Answers supports Kanban and Scrum project templates for Jira Cloud accounts. For Jira Server accounts, make sure to whitelist the domain: https://apps.wix.com/answers-wix-integration 

Integrating Zapier with Wix Answers

Automate your workflow by integrating Zapier with Wix Answers to instantly connect over one thousand supported apps such as G Suite, Mailchimp, Trello and more.  Without any coding, you can use Zapier to create Zaps to automate tasks between Wix Answers and the everyday apps you use. A Zap consists of a Trigger and an Action. Whenever the Trigger happens in one app, the Action is automatically performed in the other app.Step 1: Connect your Wix Answers account to ZapierGet an API Key and API Secret Key from your Wix Answers Account:Hover over Settings  in the side panel and click Webhooks & API Keys under Tools.Click the API Keys tab. Click + Add API Key.Enter a name for your API key and click Save. Copy the API Secret Key and save it. Click I Saved It.Note: View your API Key in the Key column. Log in to your Zapier account. Click Connected Accounts.Type Wix and select Wix Answers in the drop-down. Enter your Wix Answers credentials In the pop-up.Enter your Wix Answers URL.Enter your API Key from step 1.Enter your API Secret Key copied on step 1f. Click Yes, Continue. Step 2: Create a custom Zap or use one of our templatesTo create a custom Zap:Log in to your Zapier account. Click Make a Zap! in the top right.Type Wix and select Wix Answers in the drop-down. Set up Triggers and Actions for your Zap. Ready-to-use Zap templates:We have created the following Zaps for our most popular integrations:Looking for more?You can connect Wix Answers to 1000+ apps. Learn More

Connecting Klaus to Your Wix Answers Account

Klaus is a conversation review tool that allows you to provide internal feedback to support agents. Connect Klaus to Wix Answers to start improving the quality of your customer support. To connect Klaus to your Wix Answers account:Go to www.klausapp.com and click Sign Up at the top right. Sign up using your Google, Slack, or email address. Enter your account details and click Continue. Click the Service drop-down and select Wix Answers.Click the Pull in conversations from... drop-down and select the time range from which you'd like to sync conversations. (Optional) Click the Name field and edit the name of the integration. Get an API key from your Wix Answers account and enter it in the API key field:Hover over Settings  in the side panel and click Webhooks & API Keys under Tools.Click the API Keys tab. Click + Add API Key.Enter a name for your API key and click Save. Copy the API Secret Key and save it. Click I Saved It.Click the API key in the Key column to copy it. Paste the key in API key field in your Klaus account. Enter the first part of your Wix Answers URL (website address) in the Subdomain field. Enter the API secret key you saved in step 7e in the API key secret field. (Optional) Click Show advanced options and edit the options:Mask customer data: Click to mask customer data in Klaus (e.g., name, email, phone number).Ignore conversation content: Click to never save conversation content in Klaus.Note: Additionally, click Ignore subject line to never save conversation subjects in Klaus. Ignore attachments: Click to never save attachment URLs in Klaus. Hide sensitive data fields: Enter the custom fields you'd like to exclude from Klaus.Exclude tickets with these tags: Enter labels to exclude tickets with matching labels. Note: Press the comma key (,) on your keyboard to add multiple labels. Click Continue. It may take up to 10 minutes for your tickets and team members to upload to your Klaus account. Next:Add team members to your Klaus accountSet up rating categories for your reviews

Using Crowdin to Translate Your Help Center Articles

Streamline the localization process of your Help Center by integrating Crowdin with your Wix Answers account. When you set up the integration, XML files for each article are created in your Crowdin project where you can translate and upload them back into your Wix Answers Help Center. Before you begin:Log in to your Crowdin account or sign up for a free trial at www.crowdin.com. Step 1 | Connect Crowdin to Your Wix Answers AccountIn order to connect your accounts, create an API key in your Wix Answers account, then add your credentials to your Crowdin account. Show me howTo create an API key:Hover over Settings  in the side panel and click Webhooks & API.Click the API Keys tab. Click + Add API Key.Enter a name for your API key and click Save. Copy the API Secret Key and save it for future use. Click I Saved It.To add your credentials to your Crowdin account:In your Crowdin account, create a project then go to your project's Settings.Click the Integrations tab. Scroll down and click Wix Answers. Enter your Help Center's URL under Base URL.Note: If you've connected a domain to your Help Center, enter the base URL that appears within your Wix Answers account (e.g., https://username.wixanswers.com).Enter your Wix Answers API key under API Key.Enter your API Secret Key under API Secret Key. Click Set Up Integration.  Click Settings.Select the help center categories you'd like to synchronize and click Save. By default, every 10 minutes your articles are synched and updated automatically. You can manually sync them by clicking Sync Now. Step 2 | Add Languages in Your Wix Answers AccountMake sure you've added the languages you support in your Wix Answers account. Once you're connected, articles from the categories you chose to sync in step one automatically upload to Crowdin as separate files. Show me howHover over Settings  in the side panel.  Hover over Account.Click Time & Languages.Click Add Language under Supported Languages.Select the language you'd like to add.Click Add Language.Step 3 | Send Your Articles to TranslationSend your articles to translation in your Wix Answers account so that once you localize them in Crowdin, they automatically upload back into your Help Center. Show me howOpen the Content Editor of the article you want translated.Click the Translations icon  from the footer menu.Click Select all languages or click a language to manually select it.Click Next.(Optional) Enter your task note and click Next.Alternatively, you can leave this section blank and click Skip.Select the task priority level. Click Send to translation.Learn more about creating and completing translation tasks. Step 4 | Localize Your Articles in CrowdinOnce you're ready to start localizing your articles in Crowdin, you can invite translators and proofreaders to work in Crowdin's Online Editor. Translations you make in Crowdin automatically send to your Wix Answers account as unpublished articles every 10 minutes. Show me howInvite translators, order professional translations, connect machine translation engines, and more. Learn about translation strategies from Crowdin.Work in Crowdin's Online Editor to translate and proofread content. Learn MoreSynchronize only reviewed translations by activating Export only approved translations. Learn MoreFor more information check out the Crowdin Knowledge Base or contact Crowdin Support for 24/7 professional assistance.