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Connect your Wix Answers platform with powerful third-party apps to help you manage your workflows and run your business smoothly. Reduce the need to hop back and forth between software, and leverage your exter

Connecting Salesforce to Your Wix Answers Account

Spend less time switching between your Salesforce and Wix Answers accounts. Connect Salesforce to view client information from Salesforce on tickets in Wix Answers. Important:Wix Answers supports the following

Connecting Slack to Your Wix Answers Account

Receive Slack channel notifications whenever a new ticket is created or replied to with Wix Answers Integrations.To connect your accounts:In Slack, you must be an admin and in Wix Answers, you must be an admini

Connecting HubSpot to Your Wix Answers Account

Integrate your HubSpot account with Wix Answers to view all your leads and customer information under one roof. Connect your accounts to let agents view HubSpot data directly on your customers' tickets.Importan

Integrating Zapier with Wix Answers

Automate your workflow by integrating Zapier with Wix Answers to instantly connect over one thousand supported apps such as G Suite, Mailchimp, Trello and more.  Without any coding, you can use Zapier to create

Connecting Shopify to Your Wix Answers Account

Connect Shopify to your Wix Answers account to view and manage your customers' orders directly on tickets. Step 1 | Add the Shopify Integration in Wix AnswersFrom your Wix Answers Integrations page, add the Sho

Customizing Your Shopify Integration

Streamline agent workflows between Shopify and Wix Answers by customizing your integration. Choose which information from your Shopify account team members can view and manage in the Info panel to the right of

Working With Shopify Orders in Tickets

Team members can view and manage Shopify details on tickets once you've connected and customized your Shopify integration. Before you begin: Connect Shopify to your Wix Answers account.  Customize the Shopif

Connecting Jira to Your Wix Answers Account

Allow agents to manage Jira issues directly on tickets by connecting Jira to your Wix Answers account. Follow the steps below to copy-paste URLs and keys between your accounts and complete the integration.Impor

Connecting Klaus to Your Wix Answers Account

Klaus is a conversation review tool that allows you to provide internal feedback to support agents. Connect Klaus to Wix Answers to start improving the quality of your customer support. To connect Klaus to your

Using Crowdin to Translate Your Help Center Articles

Streamline the localization process of your Help Center by integrating Crowdin with your Wix Answers account. When you set up the integration, XML files for each article are created in your Crowdin project wher