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Getting Started With Wix Answers Live Chat

Provide your customers with real-time chat support using Wix Answers Live Chat. Acquire new customers and retain existing ones by adding chat widgets wherever they're needed most. Your team members can utilize

Setting Up Live Chat in Your Widget

Provide real-time chat support for customers seeking immediate help by adding Live Chat to your Widget. Before you begin: Create a widget (if you haven't already) so you can add the Live Chat contact option. 

Installing a Live Chat Widget on Your Website

Allow customers to chat with agents in real-time directly from your website. Create and customize your Live Chat Widget, then embed it in your website's pages. Have a Wix website?Learn how to install your Live

Installing a Live Chat Widget on Your Wix Site

Provide real-time chat support from any page on your Wix site. To embed your Live Chat widget, copy its code and add it to your Wix site's Custom Code section. Embedding in a non-Wix website?This article refers

About the Chats Panel

Select which conversations you'd like to reply to from your Chats panel, located on the left side of your Chat List. Here you can choose languages, preview chats, filter for specific types of conversations, and

Working With Chat Views

By default, your Chats panel displays all chats from your account. You can add filters to your Chat Views to focus on conversations from specific widgets, or with defined labels, priorities, custom fields, and

Viewing Your Chat Stats Panel

Monitor your Live Chat support's KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in real-time from your Chat Stats panel. Your stats adjust to the language and Chat Views you select in your Chats panel so you can track speci

Tips for Working With Live Chat Support Teams

Live Chat support combines the immediacy of a call center with the written format of tickets. Follow the suggestions below to set your team members up for success and ensure customers receive the quickest, most

Tips for Chatting with Customers

Easily respond to customer questions in real-time while utilizing your Knowledge Base articles and saved replies with Wix Answers Live Chat. Toggle between chats you've participated in or all chats, and preview

Turning Chat Notifications On or Off

Use chat sound notifications to let you know when chats need your attention. Leave chat notifications on to hear a beep whenever customers start new chats or reply to chats you're participating in. Important:We

Sending Live Chat Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Let customers rate their Live Chat experiences so you can better understand how to improve your support. Surveys are sent within their chat widgets as soon as chats are ended by agents or customers. If you have