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About Contacts

Manage all your contacts and the companies they're associated with in one place. With Wix Answers Contacts, you can gain a clear overview of each customer and company you interact with.Manage individual contact

Adding a New Contact

Add a new contact if you haven't yet sent or received tickets from them. When you add a new contact you can edit their contact details, associated company and more. Note:If you've sent or received a ticket from

Adding a Company to Your Contacts

Add a company to your Contacts so you can associate its individual employee contacts. When you associate contacts with a company, you can manage all their tickets from their Companies Page. You can also set SLA

About the Customer Page

Every contact in your Wix Answers account has a dedicated Customer Page. From here, you can manage your customer's contact details on the left. On the right you can search, sort, preview, and access all their t

About the Company Page

Every company you add to your Contacts has a dedicated Company Page. From here, you can manage the company's details, view its contacts, and access every ticket sent or received by the company. Important:To vie

Creating Custom Customer Fields

Customer Fields allow you to collect specific types of data about your individual contacts. Once you create Customer Fields, set them up for each relevant contact. Agents can then view the details in the Info p

Managing Your Customer Fields List

On your Customer Fields List, you can choose which fields team members can add to a customer's profile. You can also search for, add, edit, and delete Customer Fields.To manage your Customer Fields List: In t

Adding Customer Fields to a Contact

Add Customer Fields to a contact's profile to save important details about them. You can add and view Customer Fields in the Customer Page and the Info panel on tickets. Before you begin:Create the Customer Fie

Creating Custom Company Fields

Keep track of important details about your customers' companies with custom Company Fields. Agents can edit and view the company details directly from the Info panel on the right side of tickets. Important:To c

Managing Your Company Fields List

From your Company Fields List, you can search, add, edit, and delete the fields of your customers' associated companies. To manage your Company Fields List: In the Wix Answers app, go to Settings > Tools > Cu

Setting a Company's Custom Company Fields

Set a company's custom Company Fields to keep track of its important details. You can set field values from both the Company page and the Info panel on the right side of tickets. Before you begin:To set a compa