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Managing Your Ticket Settings

Using a Custom Outgoing Email Domain

Professionally send emails using your own domain's address instead of the default wixanswers.com outgoing email domain. For example, you could send ticket replies from support@yourdomain.com instead of notifica

Managing Your Macros List

Keep your ticket workflows organized by managing the macros available to your team. From your Macros List, you can create, enable, disable, edit, duplicate, and delete macros.  To manage your Macros List: In

Working With Automatic Actions

Use Automatic Actions to automate procedures in your Ticketing System so your team can work more efficiently. For each Automatic Action you create, you set the conditions that trigger customizable actions. When

Managing Your Automatic Actions

Manage all your Automatic Actions from one convenient location. On your Automatic Actions list, actions trigger in descending order from top to bottom, so make sure to arrange them accordingly. Note:You can cre

Creating a New Macro

Create a macro to allow agents to perform a series of actions on a ticket with just one step. Once you've created a macro, agents can apply it to tickets to do several things at once.For example:You can create

About Macros

With macros, you can speed up and simplify the execution of frequent tasks on tickets. Macros are customizable shortcuts that allow you to apply a set of actions to a ticket with just one step. Create macros fo

About Custom Field Types

When creating custom fields, use the appropriate field types for the information you want to collect. View details about each field type below, including example use cases.Tip: Learn how to create custom fields

Creating Custom Ticket Fields

Use custom Ticket Fields to gather important information about your customers' support requests. You can add various custom field types to the contact form on your Help Center and Widgets. Agents can easily vie

Managing Custom Ticket Fields

Create, edit, and delete the custom Ticket Fields used to collect information about your customers' support requests. Updating a Ticket Field applies the change wherever it is in use. Important:To manage Ticket

Email Template Placeholders

Keep your email replies personalized and professional with placeholders. Use placeholders in your email templates to automatically add content that references existing information such as your customer's name o

Customizing Email Templates Sent to Ticket Owners

Modify the automatic notification emails sent to customers when they create or receive new tickets or when their tickets are replied or resolved.  Tip:View a step-by-step tutorial for using an HTML editor to ad

Tutorial: Adding Text to Email Templates

Add text to your notification emails to match your brand and personalize your customer's experience. Follow the tutorial below for a step-by-step guide to adding text to your email templates.  In the example be

Sending an Automated Email When You Receive a New Ticket

With Automatic Actions, you can send automated emails to customers or team members whenever you receive a new ticket. You can also specify the ticket source and add additional conditions that must be met before

Adding Labels to Tickets Using Automatic Actions

Labels can help you identify and categorize tickets. Use rule-based Automatic Actions to add labels to tickets that meet conditions you define. Tips: Create custom Views on your ticket lists that display tick

Using Automatic Actions to Assign Tickets from Mailboxes to Agents or Groups

Make sure emails sent to your mailboxes get assigned to the appropriate team members or groups with Automatic Actions. You can choose different assignees for each of your mailboxes. Tip:Create separate mailboxe

Adding Parameters for Creating New Tickets and Calls

Create starting points for your most common outbound support tickets and calls by adding parameters to your Wix Answers URLs. For example, you could bookmark a URL that opens the Create New Ticket window with t

Reconnecting Your Facebook Pages

Your Facebook Pages can be disconnected from your Wix Answers account if your password or other settings have changed in Facebook. Tickets will not be created from Facebook if your account is disconnected. Reco

Sending Customer Satisfaction Surveys in Your Supported Channels

Use customer satisfaction surveys to gain valuable feedback about your customers' experiences. You can send customized surveys from all your support channels, in all your supported languages. Step 1 | Set the T

Using Automatic Actions to Assign Tickets to Groups or Agents

You can create Automatic Actions that assign tickets to agents or groups when specific conditions occur. For example, create an action that assigns tickets to your "Billing" group when the ticket description co