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Working With Tickets

About Your Ticket Timeline

Review the ticket timeline to determine the order and time in which messages, internal notes, and events occurred. Your ticket timeline lists messages and events in chronological order starting with the first m

Working With the Customer Info Panel in Tickets

Manage valuable details about your customers and their support requests from the Info panel on the right side of each ticket. The Info panel consists of customer contact details, labels, recent tickets, custom

Replying to a Ticket

Reply to tickets using Knowledge Base articles, saved replies, rich text, attachments, and more. You can also CC (Carbon Copy) additional email addresses, manage your own reply settings, and change the status o

Linking Articles to Tickets

Link articles to tickets to efficiently provide information to customers. Periodically, you can analyze your linked article stats to understand your top support issues. We recommend linking at least one article

Creating a New Ticket

Create a new ticket when you need to send your customer an email and they don't have a relevant ticket you can reply to. You can send the ticket directly to your customer, or on their behalf. When sending on yo

Applying a Macro to a Ticket

Speed up and simplify your ticket handling workflow by applying macros. With macros, you can perform several actions on a ticket in just a few simple steps. To apply a macro to a ticket: Go to the relevant ti

About Ticket Statuses

Ticket statuses help you quickly understand if tickets need replies from team members. There are 5 ticket statuses that tickets can have at a time. You can change ticket statuses manually, in bulk, or while rep

Editing a Ticket's Subject

A ticket subject is initially set by your customers when they open a ticket, however, you can choose to edit the subject at any time.To edit the subject of a ticket: Go to the relevant ticket.  Click the tic

Changing a Ticket's Language

Every ticket you receive is automatically assigned a language, determined by the source of the ticket. For example:Web: When a customer submits a ticket via web, the language they select in your Help Center or

Working With Internal Notes on Tickets

Use internal notes to add valuable information to tickets that customers can't view. You can also notify people by mentioning team members or groups. Learn how to:Add an internal noteEdit an internal noteRemove

Adding an Attachment to a Ticket

Attach files to ticket replies and internal notes to share images and other documents with customers and team members. To add an attachment to a ticket: Go to the relevant ticket.  Click the Attachment icon

Assigning Tickets to Agents or Groups

You can manually assign tickets to the agents or groups that should handle them. When you assign tickets, the assigned team members get notifications via email and in their notifications feed. Tip:Use Automatic

Adding User Notes in Tickets

User notes are internal notes that only agents can see in the Info Panel to the right of tickets. They're great for documenting important information about a customer.To add user notes:Go to a ticket from the r

Viewing Ticket Info

To view basic ticket information, click Ticket info in the top right corner of a ticket. Important:We're currently working on releasing a new version of the Ticketing System. If Ticket info appears at the top-l

Following Tickets

Follow tickets to receive notifications whenever agents or customers reply. You'll receive notifications via email and your notifications feed. To follow a ticket: Go to the ticket you'd like to follow.  Cli

Deleting Tickets

You may want to delete a ticket for a variety of reasons such as spam, testing, legal, or data analysis. Delete individual tickets from the footer menu or in bulk from your ticket lists. Learn more about: Del

Creating an Outbound SMS Ticket

Send outbound SMS tickets to reach customers via text messages on their mobile phones. Customers must have wireless plans that allow text messaging to receive your SMS messages. Important:To create SMS tickets,

Changing Ticket Priority Levels

Change priority levels to show which tickets should be handled ahead of others. Team members can view High and Low priority indicators on tickets and ticket lists. The default priority level for new tickets in

Creating a New Ticket From Your Customer's Reply

Create a new ticket from your customer's last reply whenever you need to split a ticket into two. We recommend splitting tickets when customers reply with new unrelated questions. To create a new ticket from yo

Move a Reply to Another Ticket

You can move replies from one ticket to another in case the customer or team member replied to the wrong ticket. Note: To move a reply to another ticket, both tickets must have the same owner.  You can move

Deleting Ticket Replies

You can delete replies from tickets to remove their contents from your account. We recommend deleting replies that contain private information such as credit card numbers or passwords. Alternatively, you can ed

Editing Ticket Replies That Have Already Been Sent

Edit ticket messages in case customers or team members replied with private information by mistake (e.g. credit card numbers, passwords). Note:Editing a sent reply changes the message as it appears in the ticke

About Active and Inactive Tickets

New tickets in your account are 'Inactive' until team members 'take' them. Once a team member performs a 'take' action on a ticket, they start or join an 'active session,' making the ticket 'Active.' The ticket

Banning a User

Block spammers and abusive users from using your support channels by banning them. When you ban a user they can no longer send or receive tickets via your support channels. You can unban them later if needed. T

Viewing a Ticket's Unique Ticket Number

Every ticket has a unique ticket number that team members can use to easily locate specific tickets. You can view and copy a ticket number from the top of the ticket page. Tips: Paste ticket numbers into call

Applying Bulk Actions to Tickets

Reduce repetitive work by applying the same action to several tickets at once. Simply select up to 50 tickets, then choose what you want to do to them.NoteWe're currently working on releasing a new version of t

Forwarding a Ticket

Forward a ticket when you want to send its initial message to another email address.Need to CC someone?You can CC (Carbon Copy) contacts if you'd like them to receive copies of the ticket and have the ability t

Troubleshooting Empty Ticket Replies

Email messages sent to customers from Wix Answers include the message: "Please reply above this line." This industry standard email delimiter allows us to only add the customer's last reply to the ticket timeli

Working With Custom Fields on Tickets

Easily view and edit custom fields directly from a customer's ticket. Manage custom Ticket Fields, Customer Fields, and Company Fields from the Info panel on the right side of tickets. To manage custom fields o

Adding CC (Carbon Copy) Recipients to a Ticket

Add CC (Carbon Copy) recipients to a ticket when your message is relevant to multiple people. Each recipient CC'd on a ticket receives a copy of the ticket and can also reply to it.Important:Anyone CC'd on a ti

Changing a Ticket's Reporter

You can change a ticket's reporter in case the customer changed their email address, used the wrong one, or had a typo. Changing the ticket reporter "transfers" the ticket to another customer and makes them the

Viewing the Ticket Info Window

Use the Ticket Info window at the top of tickets to copy ticket numbers, view timestamps for sent messages, and more. To view the Ticket Info window: Go to the relevant ticket. Click Ticket Info at the top. 

Snoozing Tickets

Snooze tickets to set them aside and get notified when you need to revisit them later. You can choose from preset snooze durations or create your own custom snooze periods. Snoozing tickets removes them from yo

Merging Tickets

Merge tickets that relate to the same issue and are from the same customer to reduce clutter and improve your insights. When you merge tickets: All merged tickets except the primary ticket are closed and have