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Creating and Managing Articles

Types of Articles

Help customers find what they're looking for by organizing your content into 3 different types of articles: Informative Article: This is the most common type, which you will probably find yourself using most of

Creating an Article

Articles are the core of your Help Center. You can create 3 different types of articles for different needs. The following is intended to walk you through the process of creating an Informative article. You can

Optimizing Articles for Search Results

Customers, team members, and search engines need to be able to find the articles they're looking for in your Help Center. Wix Answers automatically sets you up to be optimized for search results, but there's mo

Working With Content Blocks

When creating an article, add various types of content as individual content blocks (e.g. text, images, tables). Each content block is an independent component. You can reorder content blocks or copy and paste

Viewing an Article's Stats & History

Easily access an article's stats and history from the footer of the Content Editor.  The Stats & History window displays the number of times the article was viewed in the last 90 days, the total votes, and tota

Adding Filters in Your Knowledge Base

View articles matching conditions you define by adding filters in your Knowledge Base. Filters can help you find specific articles or articles with something in common, such as a label. Add as many filters as y

Adding Text to an Article

Create articles that mostly consist of various types of text blocks. You can add text in different content blocks to make it easy to rearrange them later. To add text to an article:Go to an article's Content Ed

Adding a Subtitle to an Article

Add subtitles to help break up your article's content and make it easily scannable by readers. You can add anchors to subtitles to create a table of contents on the side of an article. Customers can then naviga

Adding a Table of Contents to an Article

Create a table of contents (TOC) so readers can easily navigate your article's sections. The TOC displays on the side of your article and consists of the article's anchored subtitles. Customers can navigate dir

Adding Informative Notes to an Article

Informative notes are a great way to draw your reader's attention to important and useful information in an article. Use informative notes to add information without crowding the article or distracting from the

Adding Horizontal Lines to Articles

Each content block you add includes vertical padding that creates a visual division between the content blocks. In addition, you can add horizontal lines to structure your article and divide its sections furthe

Adding Images to Articles

Add images to articles to illustrate instructions, showcase products, show icons, and more. Add them as separate content blocks for easy rearranging or as inline images within the text. Supported file types:Wix

Adding a Video to an Article

Enhance your articles by adding videos as content blocks. Videos are a great way to use visuals with audio to showcase your products.You can add videos in two ways:Using a video URL Using an embed code or sourc

Adding a Table to an Article

Present information in an easy-to-read way by adding a table to your Help Center article. You can choose the number of rows and columns you need and add or remove them at any time.To add a table:Go to an articl

Adding Collapsible Blocks in an Article

A collapsible block is a text block displaying its title as a single line. Once clicked, the collapsible block expands to display the entire text within it. I'm a collapsible block. Click to view more informati

Adding a Code Snippet to an Article

Display code in an easy-to-read way by adding code snippets to your article.To add a code snippet:Go to an article's Content Editor. Hover over the left side of a content block and click the Add a block icon 

Adding an iFrame to an Article

Embed a webpage within your article by pasting its URL into an iFrame.To add an iFrame:Go to an article's Content Editor. Hover over the left side of a content block and click the Add a block icon . Click MOR

Adding HTML Code to an Article

Add HTML code to an article if you need to embed a custom element. To add HTML code:Go to an article's Content Editor. Hover over the left side of a content block and click the Add a block icon . Click MORE a

About Feature Request Articles

Feature Request articles allow you to inform and update customers about features you don't yet offer. They can also help you determine which products or services customers want most, so you know what to develop

About Known Issue Articles

Known Issue articles allow you to inform and update customers about bugs and issues you're aware of. You can also use them to collect complaints so you know what needs fixing the most. Tips: Customize the str

Formatting Text in Articles

Most of your text's formatting is defined in the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), although you can add bold or italics from the Text Toolbar. You can also change the text type (e.g. regular text to list-formatted)

Restoring a Previous Version of an Article

You can restore an article to any of its previously published versions. Restoring, then saving or publishing creates a new version in the history. This allows you to go back to previous publishes, even after re

About the Team Member Toolbar

Use the Team Member toolbar to quickly go to the Wix Answers App from your customer-facing Help Center. From the toolbar you can view an article's stats, go to its Content Editor, access linked tickets, and mor

Adding and Managing Internal Notes in Articles

Internal notes are great for saving important information about a specific article. Use internal notes to keep track of why you created an article, where it's linked from, or any other details you want to menti

About Labels

Add labels to articles and tickets for an extra layer of categorization and functionality. Use labels in your Knowledge Base to organize articles and determine where they can be viewed. Use labels with tickets

Filtering Articles by Label

View articles in your Knowledge Base that have or do not have specific labels. Adding label filters allows you to organize and categorize your articles further. To filter articles by label: Click the Knowledg

Working With Tasks

Use tasks to help you and other team members manage knowledge base workflows. When you assign a task to a team member, they receive a notification in their Wix Answers notification feed and via email. Important

Managing an Article's Related Articles

Related Articles display as a list of suggested articles on the live article. You can add them to guide your readers to supplemental information they may want to know. For example:If your customer is reading "S

Redirecting Old Articles to New Ones Using Custom Scripts

Note:This is an advanced feature that involves adding custom code to your Help Center.Currently, we do not offer redirects from one article to another in your Help Center. Instead, you can add a custom script t

Article Editing Keyboard Shortcuts

Speed up the process of creating and editing articles with keyboard shortcuts. Wix Answers supports a variety of popular keyboard shortcuts when working with text in the Content Editor. View the keyboard shortc

Publishing an Article

Publish an article when you're ready for it to go live. When you make changes to the article's content, make sure to publish again to update the live version. When you publish, you can choose to notify follower

Deleting an Article

Delete an article to permanently remove it from your Knowledge Base, Help Center, and Widgets. Tip:Instead of deleting an article, you can unpublish it to keep it saved as a draft for future use. Warning:Deleti

Unpublishing an Article

Unpublish an article if you want to remove its live version, but keep it saved as a draft for future use. Articles that are unpublished appear as drafts in your Knowledge Base. To unpublish an article:Go to the

Creating Internal Articles

Internal articles are hidden from customers but available for agents to link. They're great for tracking topics you'd rather not display in your Help Center or Widgets. You can also provide agents with directio

Uploading a File to an Article

Upload a file to your article to allow customers to access it. This is a great way to provide large files or display information outside of an article. Upload file types such as pdf, csv, mp3 and more. To uploa

Linking Article Text to Another Article

Link text in your article to another article to guide customers to related content. This helps you keep your articles concise without excluding helpful resources. To link article text to another article:Go to t

Troubleshooting Formatted Text Pasted into the Content Editor

The most common problems with formatted text occur when formatting silently carries over from the source of the copied text. If you're experiencing issues with text that was copied and pasted into the Content E

Editing an Article

You can update an article from its Content Editor anytime you need to make changes. Learn how to go to an article's Content Editor:From the Team Member toolbar on the live version.By searching in your Knowledge

Following an Article or Subcategory

Become a follower to receive notifications when team members link specific articles to tickets. You'll also get notified when an article you follow is published with the "Notify followers" option enabled. Follo

Notifying Followers When Publishing an Article

You can notify customers and team members whenever you publish articles they're following. Team members also get notifications in their Wix Answers notification feed.Tip:Customize the email notification templat

Adding a Video from Your Wix Site to an Article

If you've uploaded a video to your Wix site, you can add it to an article by embedding the video's source code. Tip:If your video is also uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo, we recommend pasting the video URL to add

Creating a Known Issue Article

Create Known Issue articles to inform customers about bugs and issues you're aware of. Customers become followers when they click Report at the bottom of the article or have their ticket linked to the article b

Updating a Known Issue Status

Update a Known Issue's status to let customers know how close you are to fixing the problem. When you update the status, you can notify followers that are experiencing the issue.  To update a Known Issue status

Adding and Removing Labels in Articles

Add labels to articles for additional layers of categorization. You can use labels to choose which articles appear in your Help Center or Widgets. You can also add the label filter to your Knowledge Base to vie

Tips for Writing Known Issue Articles

Your Known Issue articles should all follow a similar structure, made up of a title and text. Article TitleYour title should be a brief description of the issue. We recommend adding the date before the title to

Editing a Table in an Article

Add, remove, or clear rows and columns whenever you need to modify an article's table. You can also adjust the width of your columns to make the information more presentable.Before you begin:Add a table to your

Linking to Anchors in Articles

Guide customers directly to specific sections of your articles by linking to anchors. If you've added a table of contents (TOC) to your article, you can link to each heading's anchor from within the same articl

Viewing the Live Version of an Article

Publishing an article creates a live version in your Help Center, unless you've hidden the article or category. Click View Live in your Content Editor to view exactly how the last published version of an articl

Creating a Feature Request Article

Create Feature Request articles to inform and update customers about features you don't yet offer. Customers become followers when they vote or have their ticket linked to the article by an agent. You can then

Updating a Feature Request Status

Update a Feature Request's status to inform customers about its development stage. When you update the status, you can notify followers that voted, or had their tickets linked to the article. To update a Featur