Wix Answers Help Center

Managing Your Help Center Settings


Setting Your Help Center's Permissions and Login Options

By default, your Help Center and its content is public and viewable by anyone. You can limit access to your content, choose a login method, and require that users log in to submit tickets. Note:We're currently

Setting Up Your Help Center's Contact Options

Choose how customers can submit tickets when they click the "Contact Us" button on your Help Center. Allow customers to submit tickets via the Wix Answers contact form, an external form, or email. You can also

Showing or Hiding Articles in Your Help Center

Determine which articles appear in your Help Center by managing article visibility. By default, every published article appears in your Help Center. However, you may want to hide articles meant for specific wid

Adding a Contact Button to Your Help Center's Header or Footer

Make it easy for your Help Center visitors to get in touch with you by displaying a contact button on your header or footer. When a customer clicks the button, they'll be able to submit a ticket via the method

Offering Contact Options When Articles Are Marked Unhelpful

Make it easy for customers to get in touch with you when they mark an article as unhelpful. You can provide a custom message and a link to your contact method when customers click "No" (not helpful) at the bott

Showing or Hiding Articles in Your Help Center With Specific Labels

Use labels to determine which articles appear in your Help Center. By default, every published article appears in your Help Center. However, you can choose to include or exclude articles by their labels. Import

Bypassing SSO to Log in to Your Wix Answers Account

You can use safe mode to regain access to your Wix Answers account if you're locked out due to an SSO (Single Sign-On) misconfiguration. Learn more about setting up SSO for your users.To log in using safe mode:

Setting Up Single Sign-On (SSO) for Your Users

You can configure Single Sign-On (SSO) for your Wix Answers account. This enables your users to use the same login form and credentials that they use across your services and sites in order to access your Wix A

Editing Your Help Center's SEO Settings

Create unique SEO (Search Engine Optimization) customizations for your Help Center so you can optimize your pages and rank higher in search engine results. Define your SEO page titles and descriptions for each

Linking Your Wix Site to Your Help Center

Make it easy for customers to help themselves by linking your Wix site's menu, text, or other elements to your Help Center. Note:This article is relevant for Wix sites using the Wix Editor. If you created your

Adding Custom Head Code to Your Help Center

Verify or authorize external services by adding code to the < head > section of your Help Center. Adding head code allows you to use services such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, or Bing Webmaster w

Customizing Email Templates Sent to Article Followers

Edit the email notifications that followers receive when you resolve a Known Issue or release a Feature Request. Customers become followers of articles when they click "I'm experiencing this issue" or "Vote for

Customizing the Email Verification Template Sent to Help Center Visitors

Edit the email verification visitors receive if they need to login or submit tickets in your Help Center.Setting authentication and login options:Learn how to limit your Help Center to logged-in users only. Tip

Using an External Ticketing System With Your Wix Answers Help Center

You can use an external ticketing system with your Wix Answers Help Center. In your Help Center settings, you can set your contact options to go to the URL of your external form, or email your team. Note:We're


Request: Applying Access & Visibility Restrictions to Specific Content

Currently, you can restrict access to your Help Center content as a whole. You cannot, however, apply restrictions to specific categories and articles. We are always working to update and improve our products,