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Setting Up Categories

Creating Categories and Subcategories

Help customers find the information they're looking for by organizing your articles into categories and subcategories. Tip:Planning out your categories and subcategories before you start writing articles can sa

Showing or Hiding Categories in Your Help Center

All categories and subcategories appear in your Help Center as soon as you create them. You can choose to hide or only show certain categories and subcategories. Articles within hidden categories do not display

Reordering Categories and Subcategories

Your Help Center displays categories and subcategories in the order in which you create them. You can reorder them to display in any order you'd like. Important:Reordering categories and subcategories changes t

Deleting Categories and Subcategories

You can delete any category or subcategory that you no longer need.  Important:You cannot delete a category or subcategory that contains articles.Before deleting a category: Delete or move all articles in the c

Renaming Your Categories and Subcategories

You can rename your categories and subcategories as your business grows and your products change.Click an option to learn more:Rename a category Hover over the Knowledge Base icon and click Categories. Hove

Converting a Subcategory Into a Category

To give a subcategory more prominence in your Help Center, you can convert it into a category.  To convert a subcategory into category: Hover over the Knowledge Base icon in the side panel and click Categori

Adding Category Images

Personalize your Help Center by displaying images for each of your categories. To add or replace a category image: Hover over the Knowledge Base icon  in the side panel and click Categories. Select a categor

Moving an Article to a Different Category or Subcategory

Move an article to another category or subcategory to update its location in your Help Center. You can move an article from both the Content Editor and the Categories page.  Note:If you're moving an article to