Wix Answers Help Center

Managing Your Own Profile

Editing Your Member Profile

As a team member, you can create and edit your own profile. The profile appears at the bottom of each ticket that you answer. It also appears in the editing history of an article.To edit your profile:Click your profile icon at the top right. Click Edit Profile. Edit your profile information:Profile IconFirst NameLast NameSignature

Sending Announcements to Team Members

Instantly communicate internal information to other team members by creating and sending announcements from your notifications feed. When someone receives an announcement, a pop-up at the top right of their screen appears with a preview of the message.To send an announcement:Click the Notifications icon at the top right of your screen. Click the Show More icon  on the right.Click + Create Announcement and compose your message:Enter a title in the Give it a title field. Enter your message in the What's your announcement field. (Optional) Click the Add attachment icon  to insert a file.(Optional) Click Urgent to mark your announcement as urgent. Note: Urgent announcements appear on team members' screens until clicked on.Choose who to send the notification to:Leave the drop-down set to Everyone to share with every team member. Click the drop-down and select the group(s) or queue(s) to share with. Note: When sharing with queues, every agent assigned to the queue receives the announcement. Click Send.  Learn more about viewing messages in your notifications feed. 

Accepting a Team Member Invitation

You receive an invitation email when someone invites you to join their Wix Answers account. Accept the invite to create your profile and gain access to their account. To accept a team member invitation:Open the email your received titled: [Name] invited you to Wix Answers! Click Get Started.Enter your full name.Enter your password.Enter your password again to confirm.Click Accept Invitation.Depending on your assigned role, you can now edit or access certain features in the account. Next:View our Help Center to learn more about getting started with Wix Answers. 

Setting Up and Changing Your Account Signature

Create a signature that automatically appears at the bottom of each ticket you reply to. To set up or change your account signature:Click your profile icon at the top right of your screen. Click Edit Profile. Type your signature under Signature.Click Update.Tip:To make your signature appear on multiple lines, add <br /> where a line break is needed.

Viewing Your Notifications Feed

Keep track of your Wix Answers internal communications by viewing all announcements and notifications in your notifications feed. From here you can click to go directly to the relevant article, ticket, or announcement.You receive notifications whenever the following occurs:An announcement is sent to a group you're added to or a queue you're assigned.You or a group you're added to are mentioned in an internal note.A task or ticket is assigned to you or a group you're added to.A ticket you are following is updated.An article or category you are following is updated or linked to a ticket.To view your notifications feed:Log in to your Wix Answers account. Click the Notifications icon  at the top right of your screen. From your notifications feed you can:Click a notification to go directly to the relevant article, ticket, or announcement.Click the Show only Unread toggle  to show only unread notifications in your feed. Click the Show More icon  and select Mark all as read to mark every notification in your feed as read. Hover over a notification and click the Blue Dot  to mark it as read or unread. Click + Create Announcement to create and send an announcement to other team members. 

Viewing My Statistics

Evaluate and compare your own performance over time from the My Statistics page. Assess your calls, tickets, and knowledge base stats in easy-to-read charts and heatmaps.  To view the My Statistics page:Click your profile icon at the top right. Click My Statistics. Select a time range for viewing and comparing your statistics:Show me howClick Time Range at the top right.Select a preset time range (e.g., Last 30 Days) or select the start and end dates on the calendar.Click Apply. (Optional) Select the first day of a time range you'd like to compare to your initial time range. Note: The difference between your Time Range and Compared to date ranges displays as a percentage next to each stat.  4.  View statistics for the time range you selected:Show me howTickets: View your Tickets performance:Solved Tickets: The number of tickets you solved. Replies: The number of replies you sent.Tickets Satisfaction Rate: The percentage of replies rated 'helpful' compared to all your rated replies. Learn more about customer ratings. Calls: View your Calls performance:Calls: The number of calls you completed.Handle Time (Median): Your average call duration.Assisted: The number of your calls that were joined by another agent. Knowledge Base: View your Knowledge Base performance:New Published Articles: The number of new articles you published. Article Updates: The number of existing articles you updated and published. 5.  View charts and heatmaps displaying your statistics:Show me howClick a statistic to view its data in a chart. Hover over the chart for details. Note: Your Compared to date range appears as a dotted line. Click the Heatmap icon  to view your data in a colored, hourly graph. Hover over the chart for details including Compared to date range stats.