Knowledge Base Insights

Review important Help Center article stats from your Knowledge Base Insights dashboard. 
Hover over the Insights icon and click Knowledge Base to get started.

Filtering Your Knowledge Base Insights

Adjust the following knowledge base filters:
  • Time Range: Click to adjust the date range of the data you're analyzing. Select a preset time range or click the calendar to select a custom range and click Apply
  • Compared to: Click to adjust the date range used by the percentage of change metric. 
  • Language: Click to filter for articles in a specific language. 
  • Origin: Click to filter for the source of your data (e.g., Help Center or a specific widget).
  • Category: Click to filter specific article categories. 

Viewing Your Knowledge Base Insights Chart

Your Knowledge Base Insights chart consists of:
  • Unique Visitors: The total number of unique viewers of your Help Center.
    Note: When someone visits your Help Center, Wix Answers stores a cookie on their browser for 90 days. Unique visitors are Help Center viewers who don't have the cookie stored in their browser.
  • Article Views: The total number of articles viewed in your Help Center. 
  • Searches: The total number of article searches in your Help Center. 
  • Contacted Support: The number of visitors that contacted support after viewing an article. 
  • Self Service success: The percentage of viewers that did not contact support after viewing an article.
Hover over the chart to view precise data measurements at specific dates or times. 

Article Analytics

Take a look at article trends and view more in depth statistics beneath the chart.
Hover over an article and click View to open a pop-up with further details. Then, hover over the chart to view precise data measurements on particular dates.

Most Viewed Articles

Learn more about the topics that interest your users. These are the most viewed articles during your defined time range.

This report includes both the number of help center and widget article views. 

Most Helpful / Unhelpful Articles

Learn what your users' favorite articles are and which ones may need improvement. This report is based on the number of "helpful" and "not helpful" votes each article receives. 
Here you can find out which features your customers really want according to the top voted feature requests. This report is calculated by the number of votes for your feature requests. 
In this report you can explore trending search topics. These are the most searched for terms during your defined time range.

Click the Popular searches tab to view your top searched key terms. Click the Unanswered searches tab to view search terms that do not return any relevant or related help center articles. 

Most Common Known Issues

This report displays statistics on your most common known issues. These are bugs or known issues that have received the most clicks on 'I'm experiencing this issue' during your defined time range.